Digital signage is quickly becoming a popular communication tool in the corporate world. Whether your company has one location or 50 scattered across the globe, digital signage—or more simply monitors and screens hung throughout the more populated parts of the office—is a useful method to engage and communicate with your team. With Millennials making up the majority of today’s workforce and their liking for quick visual communication, digital signage is an excellent way to make sure your messages are heard; and with studies showing that “companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202 percent”, that’s reason enough to invest in this simple tool.  

Engage & Compete

Many companies are installing monitors throughout their offices—especially in shared spaces like kitchens, break rooms, elevators, and the sales floor—to track the day’s progress or foster healthy competition with a digital leaderboard showcasing top performing employees. Because people want nothing more than to feel valued in the workplace, the possibility of their colleagues seeing how successful they are across the entire office is a worthwhile reason to keep trudging along. Congratulating a team on landing a new contract by playing the final scene of Rocky I is one way to get everyone’s attention on winning. Digital signage is an easy way to re-engage your team in their work and to set the bar higher.  

Celebrate & Motivate

In addition to keeping track of sales stats and individual achievements on your office-wide screens, it’s also an opportunity to single out someone who just got a promotion, is celebrating a work anniversary, or someone’s first day with the company. Perhaps there is a company-sponsored happy hour or cooking class that you’d like to promote. It’s more likely that your team will acknowledge the event if it’s displayed in an exciting graphic on these screens, rather than getting lost in a company-wide memo or email. Are you hosting a fundraiser where you’ll match employee contributions? Energize your team around a good cause to remind them that their work has meaning.  

Clarify & Clean

There’s no arguing that digital signage cuts down on paper waste. The company newsletter that is immediately tossed out or signs in the break room reminding employees to refill the coffee maker are easy to ignore. But utilizing the graphic capabilities digital signage offers ensures team’s won’t miss the memo. Use these screens to clarify policies and procedures that feel forgotten or reinvigorate the company mission and values by creating by illustrating them in a company cartoon. If there have been repeated complaints, questions, or accidents in the office that warrant mass-messaging, draw everyone’s attention to the monitors for necessary reminders. The benefits of digital signage are endless and can be deployed with the click of a mouse. As more companies adapt to a completely digital age, replacing antiquated paper signs and boring emails with brightly colored images, attention-grabbing sounds, and just a bit of friendly competition will help employees retain crucial information.