How Digital Signage Can Motivate Sales Teams


The feeling you get when you read a profound quote or hear an inspirational speech is pure empowerment. When we’re empowered, we’re more likely to be engaged, motivated, and proactive. What we see and hear influences how we think, feel, and behave – it’s what makes us human. This is why billboards, posters, and digital ads work so well. As our eyes are drawn to content rich images and ears are filled with feel-good music, we are overcome with the feelings these advertising agents intended. These methods have been proven effective, which is why businesses are now looking for ways to motivate and engage their sales teams with digital signage solutions.

Engaging Picture

Digital signage has become increasingly popular due to the fact that our eyes are more drawn to picture images than plain text. When used correctly, companies can use digital signage to announce valuable and important messages. Having a handful of these screens in the office allows managers to communicate directly with employees without physically needing to be there. This saves time and gives those in management the means to connect with employees on a higher level.

Positive Engagement

A study carried out by Watson and Wyatt, a global consulting firm, found that effective communication keeps employees engaged, resulting in higher productivity. The findings were impressive — these employees were 300 percent more likely to exceed sales targets, have fewer days off work and have higher levels of job satisfaction.

Better Channels of Communication

Effective communication is an art that can inspire, encourage, and ultimately, get results. This is especially true in the sales arena, where motivation plays a huge role in how sales teams perform. Of course, sometimes employers feel stressed, tired or not at their best. This can create challenges to projecting a positive outlook for communicating with teams and workflows.

It’s tough for managers to consistently and physically be there to give team members praise or motivational speeches to keep morale up. Maybe sending an email could work, but then again, they often get overlooked or just lack the same effect. With the help of digital signage tools, you can continuously promote positive messages and help sales teams stay focused and perform optimally. Using interactive design, it becomes a more engaging and long-lasting alternative.

Real-time Updates

There’s something satisfying about seeing how well you’re doing, especially when it’s instantaneous. Real-time recognition often increases confidence and competence among employee because it celebrates and gives credit to where it’s due right when it happens. Digital signage technology puts performance data into charts and graphs so everyone can easily see whether or not they are on target and how they are faring against fellow reps. Real-time statistics boost morale and encourage healthy competition in the office.

A Recipe for Success

Cultivating a positive environment is essential for your employees’ well-being and the future success of the company — they are harmoniously linked. Happy employees tend to perform better and stick around when they feel valued and engaged with the company. Digital signage can help businesses build better relations with their staff because it opens up more channels of communication than ever before. After all, most business administrators don’t have the time to personally congratulate someone for good work. With digital signage, showing gratitude and recognition is made easy and can do wonders for morale. What’s more, a McKinsey Quarterly survey found that nonfinancial incentives like praise and further opportunities increased motivation more than financial rewards.

In today’s digital world, better channels of communication are available with minimal costs. Startups and corporate companies alike are more frequently opting for digital signage solutions to keep their employees engaged and motivated. With the capabilities that digital signage can bring to your office, from virtual sales gongs that celebrate your big deal to motivational messages that keep you inspired, your team can become a powerhouse for sales and teamwork.