Gamification Motivation

How Digital Gamification Boosts Sales & Morale


Any race with first place at stake naturally gets our competitive juices flowing. It makes sense why using digital leaderboards as a motivator for sales teams not only increases competition among coworkers, but also encourages collaboration and enhances overall morale in the workplace.

Gamification through digital signage is an effective way to improve performance while boosting morale. Publicly displaying performance provides achievable, shareable goals in real-time, promoting collaboration and fostering a more positive attitude and employee engagement.

Real-time Leaderboards

When you can see your progress literally ticking higher as you work, there’s a sense of satisfaction. Having digital leaderboards that display the real-time performance of you and your peers creates a sense of accomplishment as well as urgency. The publicness broadcasting progress on digital screens, like HDTVs, incites healthy competition between your sales reps.

With digital displays throughout the office, your whole team can stay engaged and on top of the tasks that matter most. Strategically placing your digital signage around the office averts the attention of distractions to focusing on metrics that lead to increased productivity.

Digital leaderboards help your teams build morale through a sense of belonging, teamwork, and rewards-based goals. The celebrated sales rep at the top of the leaderboard will be proud of personal accomplishments while colleagues will be motivated to succeed in the same manner.

Instant Recognition

What if you got the recognition you deserved as soon as it happened? Waiting for that email blast from your manager to congratulate you is nice, but seems lackluster after the fact. Imagine – as soon as your quota hits, the TV is interrupted, your song plays, and it’s your name in lights announcing the huge deal you just closed. Would you be more motivated? (Learn how.)

Digital signage can go a long way in giving your reps the recognition they deserve. In a high-burnout industry, it’s important to keep morale up and get motivated in the right ways. Implementing a system that feeds real-time data into your TVs gives your reps a sense of accomplishment as they reach their quotas and share it with their peers.

Feeding information digitally also gives you and your team the ability to customize how data is presented. According to a study from the University of Texas, people have a preference for personalized experiences due to two key factors: desire for control and information overload.

By allowing your employees to customize their song, you’re not only gaining insight into their professional and personal persona to further customize rewards to needs, you’re also giving them the freedom to personalize their work experience and incentives.

Stream Positive Feedback & Messaging

Sharing and broadcasting your team’s achievements is one way to boost morale. Employees, and more specifically sales reps, enjoy being recognized. There could be no better way to do so than by streaming their positive feedback or awards across digital signage in the office.

You can stream a business’s satisfied testimonial after a sales team member completes a sale, post a press release regarding recent achievements, or create a special alert complete with a video message from the CEO each time an employee meets a quota.

Regardless of how you decide to display achievements, utilizing digital signage to broadcast these goals shows your employees that they matter and that their accomplishments are noticed and appreciated.

End-of-day Updates

Every manager knows that closing a deal is the most important aspect of a sale. Providing the right messaging to the client and delivering it in the best way possible is crucial in this make-or-break moment. This idea should hold true as you close out every day with your sales team.

By providing employees with end-of-day updates, you are essentially selling them their own hard work by summarizing the day’s main points into one morale-boosting package. You’re helping them visualize what they get out of their work in the same way that they help customers visualize what they get out of the deal.

End-of-day updates should summarize the sales leaders for the day as well as highlight special achievements and quotas met. Including video when possible can increase engagement, and utilizing digital signage to close out the day with reminders, updates and special promotions for the next day will increase productivity.

Maximize Productivity & Motivation with Digital Leaderboards
As digital signage technology continues to advance and more businesses become accustomed to streamlining their internal communications, digitally gamifying your company’s sales process will continue to benefit every member of the team.

The key to harnessing the ever-evolving power of digital signage is understanding your sales team so you can engage them with the content speaks to them the most. Is it the real-time updates, the instant recognition, or the ability to customize how data is shown? In any case, gamification though digital signage allows flexibility in what is shown and how it’s presented.

Utilizing digital signage attracts and retains the attention of salespeople through dynamic real-time updates and helps facilitate a strong company culture that embodies collaboration, communication and efficiency.