Employee Engagement

How Company Culture Translates Into Revenue


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I’m sure you’re not surprised to learn that happy employees truly are productive employees. In a laboratory environment, happy employees were 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. At Google, this number jumps to 37%. This likely resonates if you have ever had or currently have a positive work environment and a great relationship with your superiors. The more you love your company and those you work for, the harder you will work for them.

This is how company culture can translate into revenue. Let’s take a SaaS company as an example. The harder your marketing team works, the more leads will flow from your website and social networks to your sales team. The harder your sales team works, the more free trials will be initiated. The harder your onboarding team works, the more free trials will convert into paying customers. The harder your customer service and support team works, the more customers you will retain.

In short, that’s more leads, more sales, more customer retention, and then ultimately more revenue.

How Companies Create Happy Employees

So how do companies keep their employees happy? There are lots of ways. Some do it with perks. Lendio offers unlimited paid time off. Google has on-site healthcare. Ernst & Young gives up to 39 weeks of paid maternity leave. Microsoft has on-campus retail shops and sports fields.

Other companies do it by offering higher than average salaries. The top 50 happiest companies based on average salary have annual salaries ranging from $40k – $100.

Depending on the size of your company and the type of resources you have, you may not be able to put a sports field on your campus or give unlimited time off. But there is still a way to inject happiness into your company culture and reap the benefits of a healthy work environment.

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Why a Motivation Platform?

In a study by TechnologyAdvice, researchers found that 70% of employees felt that an engagement software would help them increase their performance metrics.

As for the top benefits, 28.8% believe interactive software would lead to increased motivation. 26.3% love the idea of progress visualization. 18.8% expect to have increased productivity. 16.2% think faster work rates would be achieved.

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How Celebration Can Enhance Company Culture

If you’re not celebrating your employees’ hard work and amplifying their success they are likely feeling disconnected from the team, especially at larger companies. By broadcasting and sharing their wins you ensure that they stay motivated to keep up with a high-performance culture.

Visualization makes it easy for teams measure progress being made, keeping everyone focused on the common goal while amplifying the individual success of each team member along the way. Additionally, visualization helps foster a culture of accountability and innovation.

Hoopla’s motivational platform makes it easy to give each employee the attention they deserve and moves teams forward as they celebrate the wins together. Providing large teams with visibility aligns the team’s efforts and creates a positive environment that in turn drive sales and revenue.

Want to see what a motivational platform can do for you? Sign up for a free trial of Hoopla today!