We’re excited to announce that Hoopla is now integrated with Microsoft Teams! Our new Teams integration gives you and your team a brand new way to interact with Hoopla! With Teams notifications you’ll never miss any important announcements. After you authenticate and add the Hoopla app in Teams, simply set up notifications within your Hoopla channel, and all your newsflashes and challenge announcements will be posted in Teams.

Once a notification is posted, anyone in Teams can react with an emoji, give kudos with a funny GIF or post some good old-fashioned trash talk. Even better, you can replay the Newsflash or Challenge announcement by clicking the replay button.

The best part is that it is available for ANYONE currently using Teams. If you need help getting your account authenticated or setting up notifications, reach out and we’d be happy to lend a hand.

Alternatively, here are the instructions on how you can set it up yourself: Video or Step-by-Step Instructions