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Hoopla: Not Just a TV App!

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Hoopla has built a reputation over the last several years as a leader in employee motivation and recognition. Recently, COVID19 safety guidelines have forced many companies to become work-from-home virtually overnight.

But there’s no good reason why Hoopla can’t deliver that same motivation and recognition at home. Your employees can have Hoopla On-Demand when and where they want it.

A common misconception is that Hoopla is only a TV app. Nothing could be further from the truth!

What is it about Hoopla that teams love? According to our very own customers, it is recognition. When an employee is recognized, other employees tend to emulate those successful behaviors. Being recognized amongst your peer group and your leaders for a job well done, is a strong motivator. 

Recognition motivates others to be recognized → which causes more production from others → which causes more recognition. 

Hoopla can be anywhere your employees are. Hoopla’s mobile app, integrations with CRM and communication/collaboration apps, let your teams see and react to Hoopla celebrations from within apps they use everyday. 

How to push Hoopla newsflashes to Slack Channels

Start watching Hoopla within Microsoft Teams

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How to use the Hoopla mobile app

Hoopla is more important now than ever.

While at home, you lose the common interaction that was so prevalent in an office environment such as the water cooler chat, having a cup of coffee in the common area, group lunches, or happy hours. These interactions are often supportive, motivating and collaborative. Using Hoopla On-Demand while your employees aren’t in the office provides those interactions for your team. 

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