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Getting things done with Google Sheets and Hoopla


Change is good. But similar to that confused look you get from a teenager when you mention “email,” I find myself asking why sales managers are still so tied to email and excel spreadsheets when it comes to their sales data. With the growing popularity of tools like Slack – where instant messaging, sharing and collaboration are the norm – I’d expect more seamless processes with faster delivery in the enterprise.  

Productivity work hacks

  When you think of work-hacks to improve the efficiency and productivity of team performance around the office, improving collaboration and engagement while reducing emails, file attachments, and spreadsheet version control is a ripe place to start. We use Salesforce, as do a lot of our customers. So when it comes to treating, performing calculations on, and sharing salesforce data, it’s interesting to see so many sales managers religiously exporting data to Excel to massage it into the right format and then share it by email. Here at Hoopla, we modernized this process to build more accurate metrics, as well as better transparency and collaboration of data. With the recent release of our Google Sheets integration, our customers achieve other significant benefits – motivated employees, improved team performance, and a fun culture across their offices.

How it works:


  1. Sales data syncs with Hoopla
  2. Hoopla broadcasts your sales data on TV screens across your office so team members can see where they stand, how the team is doing, and how far from goal they are.
  3. Simple and easy to use, Google Sheets allows you to treat sales data any time either automatically by pre-defined formulas, or manually by any of the team members.
  4. The flow through Salesforce, Hoopla, and Google Sheets to the TV is all seamlessly integrated. As your sales data changes, leaderboards and goals are kept current on your TVs automatically. When a deal closes, or a quota is met, Hoopla fires off a triggered action to celebrate the achievement.

  The dynamics of your team members and how they want to be managed, goaled, inspired, recognized, and motivated are changing fast. Google Sheets, along with a communication platform that enables collaboration, engagement, and recognition are the key tools your team needs to thrive. To learn more about our Google Sheets integration and Hoopla platform, check out our Google Sheets blog post as well as our product page.