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Fun Ways to Celebrate Sales Wins


Sales is the backbone of your business. Your account executives are out on the front lines of your industry, acting as the ambassadors of your product—and every ounce of energy you’ve put into it. So when they win, you win. And that’s always worth celebrating. And while there are certainly ways to go big—maybe it’s a special vacation package, or even that over-the-top office holiday party—there are also ways that you can celebrate your sales reps every day.  

Offer Bragging Rights

In a competitive sales culture, sometimes the biggest driver is simply the desire to be the best. So why don’t you give your sales people a chance to fight for those bragging rights: start by creating a leaderboard, then give them a goal.

Whoever reaches that goal first proves their place as “The True Sales Guru of Q1.” Or, well—you get it. Gamifying your office like that doesn’t just help the winner—it empowers all of your people to strive to be at the top, and in real time. And when someone has the month they’ve always dreamed of having, they’ll get their rightful place on the top of the board.  

Don’t stop at just leaderboard creation. Sales managers need to be more creative and flexible in order to keep their teams motivated. Make sure that you are running sales contests at regular intervals that can keep your team engaged in the sales process, and don’t just run the same thing over and over every week. Keep things interesting by grouping individuals into different teams, or by pairing people off into separate face offs.

Just remember when you are drawing these lines to try and keep the competition close – so everyone feels like they have the ability to win from the get go. 

Hand Out A Prize

And when you want that champion to have more than the standard recognition, why not make it a real award? Sure, they may not be able to sing, but you may very well be employing the Beyonce of Account Executives, and it’s high time they had a golden statue on their desk as hard proof.

Whether it’s a fake Oscar trophy, or a beautiful glass masterpiece for the mantel, having a tangible award to pass around can really make a sales person feel special after a big win. And every month after, you can pass it around to whoever’s highest in the stacks—or whoever just sealed the next best deal. It’s another honor for your salespeople to strive for.  

Get The Team In On It

What fearless leader doesn’t want to be adored by their subordinates? And what teammate doesn’t want to feel like the one who hit the game-winning shot? Well, when an individual win can be celebrated by the whole team, you’re setting everyone up for success. So the next time one of your managers catches that elephant they’ve been hunting, tell them the team lunch is on the company. Or reward a high-achieving team with a night out. You’ll be amazed at the boost your associates can get from a bonding night.  

Make the Process Fun 

Instead of gamifying the sales process, why not gamify the actual outreach? Create a contest for the best outreach email or phone call, and let the sales reps get creative  with it. For the brainstorming portion let them write whatever they’d like for outreach, and encourage wild creativity. Then narrow it down into more reasonable outreach. 

This is a great way to do a bit of team building, and come out of the other side with some actionable email (or phone call) outreach that might help gain more customers. 

A Little Recognition Goes A Long Way

And of course, don’t count out the value of a simple call-out. And it doesn’t have to just be through those classic email wires. Try throwing that top achiever’s name and picture up on the screens around the office, leverage slack to send a shoutout to the entire company simultaneously or sounding off an air horn after a huge close. Sometimes, the simple truth is that your people just want to be recognized for their hard work and investment in your company.

So no matter how you’re celebrating those wins, your baseline should be some tried and true recognition. Remember: when you’re creating an atmosphere that relentlessly rewards hard work, loyalty, and dedication, you’re creating a culture of winning. So don’t be shy about investing in wins, no matter how big or small, every day.