Being a sales rep is not easy. Sometimes the quarter doesn’t go exactly the way you planned. Here are 12 Gifs to explain the many emotions you experience during a sales quarter. 

Every quarter starts out with tons of energy and excitement.  

The first few meetings, demos and closed deals seem nice and easy. 

But then something happens…  

Your revenue numbers start to slow…

And all of a sudden no one seems to be answering their emails. 

Or phones…

And when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, your top leads falls through.

But stay positive!

If you keep coming in to work, and making calls, those sales will start getting easier.

Because this quarter’s got nothing on you…

You can do this!

Mounting created Bloggif

Now go make those sales!

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About the Author

Linnea Goldstein

Linnea Goldstein

Linnea Goldstein is a Marketing Co-op and Northeastern University senior, working in communications, marketing and public relations. When Linnea isn’t at work she enjoys reading, sailing and being outside.