Company Culture

Everything You’ll Feel This Sales Quarter in 12 GIFs


Being a sales rep isn’t exactly an easy job, and sometimes the quarter doesn’t go the way you planned. Here are 12 GIFs that animate the many emotions you’re going to feel this quarter.

1. Every quarter starts out with tons of energy and excitement. 

2. The first few meetings and demos seem to be going really well.

3. But something happens. 

4. Your revenue numbers start to slow.

5. All of a sudden — if seems as if no one is answering their emails. 

6. Or phones.

7. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, your champion falls through.

8. But, hey, hang in there.

9. If you keep your goals top of mind, you’ll make it in no time.

10. This quarter’s aint got nothin’ on you.

11. You got this.

12. You’re a winner, and you’ll…