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Establishing A “Play To Win” Culture


Establishing a “play to win” office culture allows managers to easily motivate their employees and stay productive. By choosing a platform that allows everyone to visually share their goals, wins and milestones, managers are able to easily keep everyone happy and engaged.

This is important especially when looking at the costs of dealing with a disengaged office. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, turnover costs roughly 200% of an employee’s annual salary. It is also estimated that on average, 71% of employees at any given company are disengaged. No matter how you do the math, the conclusion is the same, it is very expensive to replace unenthusiastic employees. It is cheaper, however, and more effective in the long run, to simply rethink how your company engages employees.

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Hoopla was created with the purpose of allowing managers to easily motivate employees and increase their performance by establishing a “play to win” culture in their office. Using Hoopla, managers are able to quickly create fcontests, competitions and leaderboards, and broadcast live performance updates to TV, web and mobile screens throughout the company. Hoopla’s dynamic, live video broadcasts engage the entire company in a culture that delivers measurable gains in team productivity and performance.

TechnologyAdvice’s Eric Perry recently sat down with Hoopla CEO, Mike Smalls, to gain insight into how customers use Hoopla to create this ‘play to win’ office-culture. To learn more, you can watch their Hoopla Product Spotlight below. TechnologyAdvice is a website that provides reviews and rankings of business software, including customer relationship management tools and more.

Read a few excerpts from the conversation below:

TA: What differentiates you from your competition?

Smalls: “We’re forging new ground here. We take the best of digital signage, data from back end systems like Salesforce, and gamification techniques and combine it together into a play to win environment. Our competitors often require their employees to log into systems just to get access to information. We broadcast it and push it out and make it very prominent throughout a company”

TA: What are some best practices for implementing Hoopla?

Smalls: “One, it’s easy to get up and running, there should be no huge IT, technical involvement in the process. The best practices are to make sure that you take advantage of the personalization aspects. Allow the end users to put their own videos, songs and utilize other features. By allowing that to happen, it really makes the system very dynamic and engaging where people really love it. If you try to police it too much, it really takes the joy out of the whole system.”

TA: What’s a limitation of Hoopla?

Smalls: I would say there is a theoretical limitation. Our product amplifies an existing culture that a company has. We won’t fix that for a company. What we do is allow people to customize it and take the culture and kinds of communication they have throughout the company and make them stronger. What it won’t do, is fix it for a company if they have issues there.

If you are interested in establishing your own “play to win” office culture, get started with a free trial of Hoopla today

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