Times are a changin’, and corporate communication with it. Entering the digital age, our network of applications move to the cloud, making it easy to access data anywhere and anytime. With data readily available in real-time on-the-go, it makes sense why corporate communication is making a revolutionary movement in businesses today. From relaying the latest updates to your team to creating a central communication system for your business, it’s important to have the right digital signage software to cover all your communication needs. Advances in technology are creating exceptional communication opportunities that engage employees and increase job satisfaction at an affordable price. Employees that are in the loop and who participate confidently in corporate decision making are happier and much more likely to invest long term in the company. Let’s take a look at how digital signage is revolutionizing workplace communication today.  

Improve Employee Engagement & Boost Success

An increasing number of today’s workers are millennials and they respond positively to the cues of digital signage. According to Forbes magazine, millennials are the fastest-growing generation in the workplace, and they can be difficult to engage as long-term employees without offering them long-term challenges and opportunities for training, leadership and personal growth. Millennials want their work to be very meaningful. It’s important to have digital signage software that is customizable and user-friendly. The blending of smart technologies that allows for televisions to become the platform for digital signage improves employee engagement and boosts success.  

Visual Stimulation for Long-term Engagement

Visual stimulation is a workplace component that millennials value. The success of your sales teams has a measurable and immediate effect on the overall success of your business. Improving sales is key to ensuring the growth and survival of your organization. Digital signage offers the unique visual stimulation that allows for innovative methods of managing, motivating, and rewarding sales teams and increases your overall success and profit. Digital signage linked with CRMs, like Salesforce and SugarCRM, represents an evolution in communication with sales staff. Digital signage replaces memos, phone calls, texts and emails. This saves time and reduces confusion. Real-time data is displayed on-screen in ways that are visually stimulating, increasing interest and improving memory and concentration for ultimate sales performance. The immediate availability of data allows for necessary shifts in sales strategies and quick recognition of employee concerns and outstanding employee performance. In addition, the availability of information online and updates in real-time creates a stronger engagement with those who work remotely either part-time or full-time. No longer is there a divide between in-house and remote workers where communication is scarce.  

The Game Is Changing for Corporate Communication

Gamification is proving to be a workplace trend that continues to grow and expand. Millennials like to combine fun, strategic thinking with their work. Making work fun is now a priority for more corporations than ever before. Forbes describes millennials as having an entrepreneurial mindset – they are looking for a coach, not a boss. Gamification in the business world means building in as many game elements into the work experience as possible to create a culture of friendly competition and celebration. This motivates employees and encourages creative and critical thinking. The use of leaderboards, televisions in the workplace, real-time alerts, and different reward options are now the new standard for employee expectations. Employees who are thinking creatively are able to problem solve, negotiate with one another and with customers, and ask important questions that help motivate the entire corporation towards success. Gamification helps companies and employees clarify and achieve goals, promoting personal advancement through ongoing learning.