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Don’t Let Your KPI Dashboard Blend Into The Wall


Can we all take a moment to agree that office settings are often a bit lackluster? I’m afraid there might’ve been a color palate somewhere out there called “corporate dull” and every organization got a free sample. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way – let’s have a little fun.  

The Importance of Interaction in Real Time

But it’s not just the colors. Everything from our cubicles to messaging platforms screams “I’ve got a case of the Mondays,” and you can be sure it’s wearing people down—but more on that in a minute.  

  If you’re looking for a way to make a change in your office, we’ve got a couple of recommendations for where you can start. And it’s not just a matter of improving the décor: simple changes to the way you run your floor can quantifiably increase your team’s output. Here are three ways a little change can make a big difference.  

Create excitement with Sales Gamification

In the sales world, it’s easy to revere the lone ranger: that rep who’s been around the block and has their sales habits set. And more than that, sales leaders are rightly wary to want to change their companies’ pay structure. But if you aren’t here’s some advice from HBR that may surprise you: When it comes to the way your sales associates hit their numbers, it’s good to experiment: “Over the past decade managers have become attuned to the value of experimentation (A/B testing, in particular); today many consumer goods companies experiment constantly to try to optimize pricing. There are important lessons to be learned from doing controlled experiments on sales reps’ pay, because the behaviors encouraged by changes in incentives can exert a large influence on a firm’s revenue.” So whether you choose to change the way you pay out accelerators, or you want to change from annual to quarterly quotas, it’s not heresy to shake things up. Try gamifying your sales team – it may just give your team the shot in the arm they needed.  


Engage Teams by Sharing Numbers

Likewise, there’s a demonstrated interest from employees to have more involved and transparent managers. And one easy way to show that effort is to use a KPI dashboard to display your team’s numbers. When your team members can see how they’re doing in a given week, comparing to their peers, or even simply understand where the team is at for the month, it gives them the opportunity to take ownership of their work, and makes them feel more a part of the process.  


Make Goals to Amp Your Drive

Moreover, displaying numbers can give you space to have more conversations about your team’s weekly and long-term goals. Of course, there’s plenty of value in the go-getter who gets out in front of their numbers every month, but that’s not going to help employees who aren’t engaged. Stop elevating the lone wolf. Collaboration has value, and good teamwork can motivate everyone from the top down. When you’re putting the team’s goals together, and displaying them company-wide on TVs, you’re creating an environment where a win for one is a win for all.  

  It doesn’t take a $1,000,000 makeover to change the entire feel of your office. Get your employees re-engaged with a KPI dashboard, and watch how your team begins to own amazing results.