Does Anybody Even Care About the Oscars Anymore?


Ah… another year, and another litany of hot takes about how the Academy Awards are in trouble. Dwindling viewership, hosting issues, and a whole lot of controversy surrounding who did or did not make the final cut. Maybe award shows really are dying.

And yet, there’s the People’s Choice Awards, The Emmys, the Golden Globes, the SAG awards, BAFTA awards, Directors Guild of America awards, Critics’ Choice Awards, and the Oscars—just to name a few.

Seriously, there are more than 30 film & television award shows in the United States alone—and that’s just on a national level.

The truth is, no matter how much any talking head wants to pontificate about the value or worth of a given award show, at least you and I can be honest: if our name got called, we’d feel pretty damn good about it.

But why is that? And why should you or I care about a bunch of actors handing each other gold statues?

Beyond The Hollywood Bubble

Whether you’re Steven Spielberg or a sales manager in Sacramento, the truth is that we all like to be recognized for our work. According to a blockbuster study by Tinypulse, more than 1 in 5 employees who didn’t feel recognized for doing what they felt was great work interviewed for a new job in the last three months—nearly double the rate that did feel recognized for their work.

Let’s try that again: when your employees don’t feel properly recognized, they start job hunting.

According to the HR Consultants at Sibson, the fact of the matter is that “a well-designed awards and recognition program can help support an incentive plan and add the extra motivation needed to achieve critical sales goals.” In other words, when we’re recognized and awarded for our work, our ability to perform grows to new potential heights—and just as importantly, it helps us to feel more satisfied with the job we’re currently working.

DIY Award Shows… Without Overdoing The Glitz & Glam

While there’s certainly an investment involved with taking the time to recognize and reward your employees, it definitely doesn’t have to break your bottom line.

In fact, as that Sibson report goes on to describe: “For many people, a noncash award can have longer-term value and hold more meaning. Noncash awards may work the emotions better than an extra payout… sales professionals will always make the connection between these emotional awards and their work.”

So what exactly are those “emotional, noncash” awards? For starters, there’s the simple joy of recognition. Whether it’s taking the time out of a meeting to acknowledge someone who’s having a great week, to posting numbers on a leaderboard that brandishes a whole office-worth of high productivity—the message that you as a boss are watching and appreciating your employees is worth your weight in gold.

Take some time this week to show your employees how much they mean to you: however hokey it may feel to, roll out your proverbial red carpet and watch just how bright those eyes will light up.