Performance Management Progress and Goals

Create a Goal-Oriented Workforce With OKRs


Managing a team of employees in an office environment is no easy task, and it can sometimes be a challenge to keep everyone on the same page. Staff will sometimes lose sight of key objectives because it may have been some time since the information was relayed to them. Objectives and key results (OKRs) metrics can solve this problem by keeping team members in the loop, and displaying key objectives in a visually engaging way helps with the flow of important information. OKRs have been helping a number of firms achieve success by enabling them to execute their ideas and goals in a structured, organized way.  

Organize Objectives

Research carried out by Cognisco found that large companies with more than 100,000 employees were losing approximately $62 million annually due to misunderstandings in the workplace. These high figures show just how costly miscommunication can be. Nevertheless, losses can be turned into gains by having the right infrastructure in place. Objectives displayed on a big screen give employees a set of clear goals. If employees aren’t sure about something, they may feel a little unease asking their colleagues or superiors because it might reflect negatively on them. Instead, they just go with what they “think” they should be doing. OKRs significantly reduce misconceptions because the data is visible throughout the office, allowing everyone to see core objectives and company values on the big screen daily.  

Sales Gamification

Fostering a competitive work environment enhances results. This can be achieved through sales gamification. This feature increases motivation and adds the fun factor to chasing sales. Employees go head-to-head with their colleagues to see who can outperform whom, as well as themselves in their own records. Make it fun by putting the employees’ names, pictures, and walk-up songs on the big screen to create a culture of celebration. This light-hearted approach is likely to bring out the competitive spirit in a friendly fashion.  

A Driven Workforce

The digital age means that millennials are used to staring at screens and having information readily available in just a few clicks. Digital signage solutions that display OKRs give young professionals the constant feedback they crave. This can help to better identify their strengths and weaknesses, in turn making them more self-aware and encourage them to improve performance. OKRs delivered in real time on digital screens can do wonders for morale. The sales environment can be tough at times, but a few inspiring words can turn tired employees into a driven workforce.  

Better Results

Many firms adopting OKR metrics have seen a positive increase in performance, and it has turned some companies into giants. When Google was still in its infancy, one of its investors, John Doerr, pitched the benefits associated with an OKRs system to them. Google recognized the benefits and embraced it. The company still uses this system today because it helps them to attain goals and increase profits. Though, OKRs aren’t just for the tech giants. Sears Holdings Corporation, a Fortune 100 company with 20,000 employees, rolled out this technology and saw the positive impact as sales soared. On the other end of the spectrum, a small IT team based at McKinnon Secondary College, Australia, has been using OKRs to improve team performance. This technology is diverse and can help organizations of any size manage objectives and reach desired goals. Creating a goal-oriented workforce doesn’t have to take lots of time and money. It can be achieved by simply having the right tool and strategy — namely OKRs on digital signage.