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Hoopla Now Integrated with Microsoft Teams

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We’re excited to announce that Hoopla is now integrated with Microsoft Teams! Our new Teams integration gives you and your team a brand new way to interact with Hoopla! With Teams notifications you’ll never miss any important announcements. After you authenticate and add the Hoopla app in Teams, simply set up notifications within your Hoopla channel, and all your newsflashes and challenge announcements will be posted in Teams.

Once a notification is posted, anyone in Teams can react with an emoji, give kudos with a funny GIF or post some good old-fashioned trash talk. Even better, you can replay the Newsflash or Challenge announcement by clicking the replay button.

The best part is that it is available for ANYONE currently using Teams. If you need help getting your account authenticated or setting up notifications, reach out and we’d be happy to lend a hand.

Alternatively, here are the instructions on how you can set it up yourself: Video or Step-by-Step Instructions

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Hoopla: Not Just a TV App!

Hoopla Marketing

Hoopla has built a reputation over the last several years as a leader in employee motivation and recognition. Recently, COVID19 safety guidelines have forced many companies to become work-from-home virtually overnight.

But there’s no good reason why Hoopla can’t deliver that same motivation and recognition at home. Your employees can have Hoopla On-Demand when and where they want it.

A common misconception is that Hoopla is only a TV app. Nothing could be further from the truth!

What is it about Hoopla that teams love? According to our very own customers, it is recognition. When an employee is recognized, other employees tend to emulate those successful behaviors. Being recognized amongst your peer group and your leaders for a job well done, is a strong motivator. 

Recognition motivates others to be recognized → which causes more production from others → which causes more recognition. 

Hoopla can be anywhere your employees are. Hoopla’s mobile app, integrations with CRM and communication/collaboration apps, let your teams see and react to Hoopla celebrations from within apps they use everyday. 

How to push Hoopla newsflashes to Slack Channels

Start watching Hoopla within Microsoft Teams

Start watching Hoopla within Salesforce

How to use the Hoopla mobile app

Hoopla is more important now than ever.

While at home, you lose the common interaction that was so prevalent in an office environment such as the water cooler chat, having a cup of coffee in the common area, group lunches, or happy hours. These interactions are often supportive, motivating and collaborative. Using Hoopla On-Demand while your employees aren’t in the office provides those interactions for your team. 

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Raydiant and Hoopla Partner Up: Bringing Smarter Digital Signage

Hoopla Marketing

We’re excited to announce our Partnership with Raydiant, the #1 digital signage solution to bring a brand new solution to businesses everywhere: digital signage powered by Hoopla performance management and motivation.  

Together, we’ve created something totally unprecedented: the first-ever all-in-one communications and employee engagement tool. Hoopla for Raydiant lets you seamlessly manage conversations, content, and performance tracking with one easy-to-use tool via Mobile, Tablets, Computers or TVs on the wall. 

A natural fit for Raydiant

Hoopla motivates employees by making performance public. What better way to get people to notice than with Raydiant? According to industry data, digital signage boasts an 83% retention rate–far more than traditional static signage.

Hoopla’s attractive, engaging graphics are a natural fit for Raydiant’s brilliant HD displays. Use them as standalone slides or incorporate them into larger presentations. With all of Raydiants apps and options for deployment, the only limit is your imagination.

All-in-one convenience

Whether in your main office or distributed to your employees’ home offices, Hoopla for Raydiant combines productivity tools to make your workplace more convenient and more efficient. Users can combine Hoopla’s motivation and recognition displays with other media. Hold a video conference while displaying key performance data, all on the same screen from the same platform.

Remote management made easy

With Raydiant, you can access all of your Hoopla content wherever you are and deploy it whenever you want. All you’ll need to do is log in to the Raydiant Experience Platform from any device. From there, you’ll be able to create, organize, and deliver content to the screens of your choosing, even if you’re sitting on a beach thousands of miles away.

A multi-purpose office tool

Raydiant lets you bring the power of Hoopla to your office TV screens with ease. With plug-and-play hardware, you’ll go from unboxing to up-and-running in minutes. From there, you can display Hoopla’s catchy graphics and charts in beautiful, crystal-clear HD. You can even incorporate Hoopla into customized displays alongside news and stock tickers, a weather widget, videos, and more using Multizone.

Work-from-home solutions

Keeping your team motivated has always been a challenge, but it’s become even more difficult as businesses have been transitioning to a work-from-home model. To help you make that shift, we’re offing custom-configured Microsoft Surface Go 2. Businesses can issue this tablet to employees to give them a plug-and-play second screen so they can use Raydiant and Hoopla at home without taking over their main work station.

These are just a few of the ways this partnership can help you increase revenues and create real value for your business. Want to find out more? One of our representatives would be happy to spend time with you to figure out how Raydiant and Hoopla can work together to suit the specific needs of your business. 

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Note For Hoopla Customers During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Josh Benedetto

Here at Hoopla we’re monitoring the coronavirus situation very closely. As more organizations take measures to mitigate this pandemic, including moving their teams to fully remote, we want to make sure that we are offering our customers ways to make sure that their teams continue to feel connected, motivated and engaged – no matter where they are. 

Our team has created a remote-work toolkit for all customers affected by COVID-19; with resources on how to leverage Hoopla to keep your team connected during this trying time. 

In addition, we’re also offering several new resources to customers specifically created to help your employees stay motivated, healthy and informed. All customers now have access to: 

  • New CDC Health Tips to broadcast out to all employees through Hoopla TV Channels
  • Complimentary access to watch Hoopla remotely for all employees
  • 100% free setup and support to make sure all employees in your organization are good to go 

All customers should have received an email with these details, but in case you missed it, please reach out to so that we can send additional details and help with setup. If you are not yet a customer, but are looking for a way to keep your entire team connected and motivated: please reach out and we’d be happy to help. 

Josh Benedetto
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Vera Protects Employee Motivation With Hoopla


Vera is an organization that is changing the way sensitive data is protected. They allow organizations like CapitalOne and The Pokemon Company to secure all their intellectual property in a seamless, easy to use way. Vera understands if security is hard to use, it will simply be bypassed. When they were looking for a solution to increase competitiveness and engagement among their sales team they knew Hoopla was the right choice.

With offices around the globe, Chelsea Parker, Sales Development Manager, knew that they needed a way to communicate wins, and celebrate employee success across the organization. “We were looking to improve visibility company wide. With TV’s at HQ and in our remote offices, it allows for the whole company to celebrate the wins together.”She says.

Hoopla was an easy choice for Chelsea. After using it at a previous company, she took note of how much the reps enjoyed the competitiveness, and decided to implement Hoopla at Vera. She found the onboarding process super easy to understand and was able to get Hoopla up and running herself quickly with no prior knowledge. Her team also had a great time setting up their profiles and customizing their songs and pictures.

Once implemented she saw an impact on team camaraderie. Spinning up quick competition, whether a tournament, battle or a 1 on 1 challenge  between reps had never been easier. The real-time leaderboards and transparency were continuous reminders of the overall team goals, keeping the spotlight on winning together.

Chelsea believes that Hoopla is an integral part of any sales organization, “Honestly, I am just super satisfied with the tool. My first thing everyday is to get the TV on and every time it goes off, literally just leaves a smile on everyone’s face.”

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Why Public Recognition Is More Important Than Private


It’s long been a corporate practice that manager-praise is left for annual reviews or company anniversary programs. These once or twice a year moments are important, but are not going to be what motivates employees to work smarter. An annual increase in compensation and a t-shirt marking someone’s 10th year at a company is not what improves company morale or reaching new goals.

Part of the reason? Everyone gets these things, no matter if their work is outstanding or simply hits basic marks. In fact, based on a survey of businesses, 87% of recognition programs are rooted in tenure but companies scoring in the top 20% for building a recognition-rich culture (i.e. individualized praise) had 31% lower voluntary turnover rates.


Wants versus Needs

Based on these statistics, we can see that what truly motivates people to exceed expectations in the workplace is tapping into their psychological needs. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the need to be appreciated and the need to belong rank highest with compensation and benefits at the bottom. The reason for this? Compensation is not recognition and vice versa.

While money and insurance certainly support key needs, feeling valued and wanted by peers is what pushes people to meet high-reaching goals in the workplace. An example of this comes from Marla Tabaka, author of The Successful Soloist. She writes about a client who was his company’s top performer by a landslide and received bonuses for his hard-earned contributions. Yet, despite the influx of money each year, he felt incredibly undervalued because he did not receive any recognition outside of this monetary exchange.

The lesson for managers here is that money doesn’t always talk. For recognition to truly be felt, it should be personalized to the person or team receiving it—everyone earns a salary, not everyone achieves recognition.


The Anti-Hierarchy

When considering how to recognize employees for a job well done and considering how they rank needs, it’s also important to consider who doles out the recognition. Most studies on employee recognition programs determines that peer-to-peer praise is more powerful than from top-down.

While it’s still important for managers to acknowledge the value they place on their teams, a top-down approach implies that only someone of great importance can determine someone’s worth in a company. For this reason, employing a system of peer reviews or peer participation to acknowledge a team member is gaining popularity. Peer approval directly benefits someone’s sense of belonging, which is crucial for employee happiness.


Do the Right Thing

Implementing a system in which colleagues are acknowledging one another’s good work “creates a culture of ‘doing the right thing’”. It can be as simple as a thank you as you pass someone on the way to the breakroom or note in the company newsletter or more involved, like a system of points that each employee can hand out as they see fit.

Some companies are even turning to social media to truly make their appreciation for their employees heard–”[s]ocial networks like Facebook and Twitter encourage peer-to-peer acknowledgement where people can comment on and share posts, allowing visibility by customers, partners, suppliers, and others.” Using someone’s newsfeed is the modern equivalent of a comment card, which, yes, does still exist but who carries a pen to fill it out anyway? This type of public praise includes not only the people someone work’s alongside, but also those they sell to or partner with to get their job done.

No matter if you use Snapchat or a token to show your thanks, the warm and fuzzy feeling someone gets after receiving praise (more technically, the dose of Oxytocin to their brains) will push them to continue their exceptional work, because who doesn’t like feeling good?

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7 ways to get data into Hoopla


Some people say they don’t like math, but it seems everyone loves numbers. The Olympics, elections, fantasy football, everywhere you look people are throwing around numbers. There’s even a number in the title of this post! Hoopla is no different. There are a lot of ways to use Hoopla to communicate, but one of the key features is getting the numbers your team cares about onscreen.

Of course, at most companies the most important numbers are revenue. Sales teams have always had their eyes on numbers. And when it comes to displaying sales numbers, Hoopla has you covered. But remember, everyone loves numbers. Obviously, the marketing team wants to count leads and the support team wants to count cases. And Hoopla can do that. But you can also use Hoopla to track the medal count for the office Olympics or the results of the company taco eating contest. If there’s something you want to count, Hoopla has a way to track the data.

This post is going to take a look at all the ways you can populate metrics in Hoopla. There are currently seven, but we’re always looking to add new options. We’ll start with the simple and work our way towards the more powerful. Along the way, we’ll go over how each option works, and some examples of how it might be used.


1. Web App

How it works: Log into Hoopla, find the metric you want, and edit any player’s value. This is the simplest way to get data into Hoopla as well as the most flexible.

When to use it: For anything without a standardized data source. Here at Hoopla, we’ve used this to track volunteer hours and an office fitness challenge. Pretty much anything you want to count that doesn’t fit the other options.


2. Spreadsheet File Upload

How it works: Log into Hoopla and upload an Excel or .csv file with your team’s data.

When to use it: You probably already have someone in the office who’s a spreadsheet maestro. Anything you’re tracking in a spreadsheet, from calls made to progress towards President’s Club, is fair game.


3. Spreadsheet Email Upload

How it works: Email Hoopla with an Excel or .csv file with your team’s data.

When to use it: Just like uploading a file, but more convenient. We’re now getting into options that can be automated. Many data sources like CRMs can be configured to email a spreadsheet on a scheduled basis. Point those emails towards Hoopla and watch the data stream automatically.


4. Salesforce

How it works: In the Hoopla app, make an OAuth connection to Salesforce. Then choose the reports you want and Hoopla pulls the data automatically.

When to use it: This is a no-brainer. If you’re using Salesforce, you’ve got data to track. The odds are that you’re using a report to track it. Simply map that report into Hoopla and take your data from the CRM to the big screen.


5. Google Sheets

How it works: In the Hoopla app, make an OAuth connection to a Google account. Then choose the sheets you want to use.

When to use it: take our spreadsheet file upload, and kick it up to 11. First, Hoopla will automatically sync with your sheet, so you always have up-to-date numbers. Second, the numbers can flow both ways. This means you can export metrics into the sheet, perform any calculations you want, then take the result and throw it back into Hoopla. You can do this with metrics from any source, including Salesforce. This makes it perfect for running SPIFFs that are point based or for calculating win rates. Google Sheets are also great if you want to let your team self-report a metric. Just share the sheet and let your team enter their own numbers. Works wonderfully for fun office challenges.


6. Zapier

How it works: Zapier is a platform that connects apps. You can use Zapier to update a metric in Hoopla when one of your other apps triggers.

When to use it: The sky’s the limit with this one. Support cases from Zendesk? Check. Developer tickets in JIRA? Check. Marketo, Google Calendar, Twitter, a bunch of CRMs and hundreds of other apps? Check. Zapier already integrates with a ton of apps, which means so does Hoopla. So if there’s an app your team uses, check out if it has a Zapier connection. If it does, you can get your team’s numbers on Hoopla. Don’t let sales have all the fun, now any department can get their brag on!


7. API

How it works: Use Hoopla’s developer resources to write your own code to update your data in Hoopla.

When to use it: Now there are no limits. If you have coders at your disposal, you can feed data into Hoopla from anywhere. Hook up your home brew CRM or even track the downtime of industrial equipment. If you work at a software company, create a link from your product to Hoopla. The possibilities are endless.

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10 Zaps to Get Your Office Pumped


Google, JIRA, Zendesk, Trinet, Slack, Github, Marketo, Twitter – this is just a small sampling of the MANY applications we use on a day to day basis here at Hoopla. And I’m sure your office is no different… Companies nowadays use a large variety of applications, each of them specializing in their own niche market, and every one just as important to your business as the next. Unfortunately, not everyone or even every department has visibility into these different applications; so the sales team doesn’t know how much work went into building a new feature and the engineers might not know how many people are signing up for free trials of the awesome product they helped build. Well, what if I told you Hoopla has a created a way to bring all this data and all these milestones to light directly onto your office TVs? Amazing, right?? Well, it’s a simple as a Zap! Zapier is a platform that enables you to connect your various applications, boasting a library of hundreds of apps. With Hoopla’s Zapier app, you can take data from all the different applications you use for your business and display that directly onto your Hoopla channel! This is an awesome tool for getting your office pumped up and excited about your team’s achievements, and there are an almost limitless amount of ways you can use Zapier. Here are some of the best ways we have seen the Hoopla Zapier app implemented:  

1. Hoopla + Zendesk – Keep track of all those tickets your awesome Support team is closing!



2. Hoopla + JIRA – Show the engineers love by congratulating them for fixing an especially tricky bug!



3. Hoopla + Twitter – Trigger a Newsflash anytime someone uses your custom hashtag



4. Hoopla + Live Chat – Did someone just ask a question on LiveChat? Alert the team!



5. Hoopla + Google Calendar – Notify your team when an important meeting or event is about to start (like a team lunch or happy hour!)



6. Hoopla + Instagram – Let everyone know how many likes you’re getting on the company’s latest Instagram post



7. Hoopla + Marketo – Give props when new leads come in



8. Hoopla + Zoho (or another CRM) – Use Zapier to update Leaderboards and recognize your baller sales team



9. Hoopla + Trello – Update Leaderboards when tasks are completed



10. Hoopla + Recurly – Alert the team when someone signs up for a new account


Do you have a cool way you use Zapier with Hoopla? Let us know! We’d love to hear your ideas!

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Broadcast Slack Messages on Hoopla TV!


Here at Hoopla, we’re all about making it easy to celebrate success and broadcast announcements across TVs – with style, of course! Our latest mission was to give customers a simple way to broadcast ad hoc messages to their teams. What better way to do this than to integrate with the best team messaging app out there? We give you: our integration with Slack.

It’s now easier than ever to communicate messages office-wide, at any time. Hoopla’s Slack integration lets you create Newsflashes on-the-fly to announce important messages on Hoopla TV, directly from within Slack channels.

Sometimes, important announcements are missed. It’s nobody’s fault – we’re just busy! With a simple Slack command, Hoopla will display your message as a Newsflash across your office TVs for all to see. This is a great way to send out reminders, welcome a new member of the team, or wish someone a happy birthday. There is no limit to the possibilities of messages you can broadcast onto the big screen.

What kinds of Slack messages would you want to broadcast? Here are some ideas:

  • Introduce a new member of your team
  • Give kudos to someone who helped you close a sale
  • Congratulate someone on their promotion
  • Wish someone a happy birthday
  • Announce the beginning of happy hour
  • Celebrate the Employee of the Month
  • Announce the release of a new feature
  • Thank the engineers for releasing a new feature

Once you add this integration in Hoopla, you can easily configure unique Slack Newsflash triggers for different Slack channels, so you can customize the look and feel of each Newsflash based on the Slack channel from which each message originates. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Type the Slack command “/hoopla” into the text field, followed by your message.

Hot Tips:

  • You can broadcast a previous post by pasting the Slack message archive link after the “/hoopla” command.
  • Load up your messages with emojis! Hoopla will display any standard emojis included in your message.

Step 2: See your message broadcasted on Hoopla TV!

Each Newsflash begins with an attention-grabbing video, then showcases the sender’s message. Say goodbye to hearing, “I must have missed that email,” and “Sorry, I didn’t know!” Broadcasting your important Slack announcements and messages to Hoopla TV ensures that they get the attention they deserve.

Ready to start displaying Slack messages on Hoopla TV? Start your free trial today and try out Slack for Hoopla. Check out these instructions if you have an existing Hoopla account.

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5 Ways to Display Hoopla on the Big Screen


Hoopla TV is a web application optimized for the Chrome browser, giving it a number of possibilities for casting. Our customers display Hoopla TV on thousands of screens in hundreds of offices around the world to keep employees informed and motivated, while optimizing performance. We are often asked about the best ways to broadcast these channels onto TVs, so we’ve come up with the top 6 ways to display Hoopla on the big screen.  

1. Chromebox – $194.99

If you want to broadcast Hoopla TV on a Chromebox your device must have at least 4GB of RAM to run properly. The HooplaTV app can be found in the Chrome app store; you must access the app store through the Chromebox device to see the HooplaTV app listing.  


2. Dedicated Computer – Starting at $259

Since Hoopla TV is optimized for the Google Chrome browser, a mini computer can get you up and running in no time. Any computer with 4GB of RAM and a 64-bit operating system supported by Chrome can display Hoopla TV channels in full HD. Simply connect the computer to the Internet then connect it to a monitor with an HDMI cable for optimal performance. Here are some options:  



3. HDMI Cable – $12.99

No mini computer, no problem – easily turn that extra computer you have in the storage room into your Hoopla broadcaster. Run a long HDMI cable in the wall to the computer hidden in a cabinet or behind some furniture for a seamless connection.


4. HDMI over Network Cable – $89.95

Got pre-installed network cables in the walls nearby your displays? Run video and audio signal over that wiring using simple converters at each end. This allows you to connect a remote computer to a monitor in the next room using inexpensive wiring. Here is one good option.  


5. ZeeVee Box- $4695

If you want to run multiple Hoopla TV channels on an unlimited number of screens over long distances from a central location, the ZeeVee box is a great solution. With one ZeeVee box, you can run up to 4 centrally-controlled inputs on TV screens all over the office using inexpensive coax cabling (like the cabling in your house). Each TV can be tuned to one of the 4 channels at any time. This is also a great option when security is a concern since the computers running Hoopla TV can be locked in a server room. We use the ZeeVee box here at the Hoopla office. With a seamless connection, we run 2 computers with unique Hoopla TV Channels and 2 Comcast cable boxes tuned to ESPN and CNN. Using just one TV remote, we can tune any one of our TVs to one of these channels.  

Check out our FAQ page for more information about broadcasting your Hoopla TV channels or leave a message with our team on LiveChat at the bottom right of the page.