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6 Ways to Be Your Company’s Top Sales Rep


Everyone wants to be a top sales rep but getting there isn’t easy – the field is highly competitive and there’s a lot of pressure to reach the minimum quota. Sales reps work hard to meet their goals, and they are constantly thinking of new techniques and pitches to use when out in the field. They are always looking to improve their numbers and keep up with a high performance in the workplace. But what separates the best sales leader from the rest? Check out some of the things that you can do to help get crowned best sales rep.

Be Accountable

Top sales reps are successful because they take full responsibility for their results. They work hard to attain the best numbers possible and are constantly tweaking their strategy on what works and what doesn’t. Top sales reps are completely invested in their work and make genuine efforts to connect with each individual customer. They don’t focus on what other factors might be losing them sales; they reevaluate their strategy and look for other opportunities for growth. They recognize that their sales ultimately depend on their performance.


Working in sales is tough. There is a general expectation that most cold call conversations will end in a “no.” This is why top sales reps have remarkable persistence; they can push past all the “nos” and still find new creative ways to make the same asks. Working in sales takes a lot of patience before the job can feel rewarding, but as long as you are persistent, your chances of becoming a sales leader increase tenfold.

Identifying Opportunities

Top sales reps are able to identify and take full advantage of opportunities when they surface. Sales reps spend a lot of their sales pitch trying to gauge customer interest, and when they find a niche that they can work with in the conversation, they hop on the opportunity to turn it into a sale. Top sales reps have therefore mastered the art of identifying customer needs and formulating a specific message that caters to those needs. 

The Right Attitude

Maintaining a fun, outgoing attitude is an important attribute of any sales leader. Top sales reps need to be very personable and be someone the customer trusts to make their transaction. Customers look for reliable, hardworking, and friendly salespeople who can help them decide whether or not they want to buy a product. It’s important to establish strong and healthy relationships with clients so that you can help them feel comfortable in their decision-making process.

Competition is Good

The sales world is a highly competitive industry where work is always being measured by numbers. The race to hit the best numbers is important because who wouldn’t like a little office praise or monetary compensation? While having an overly competitive office can be damaging to employee morale and ultimately hurt the workflow, maintaining a healthy balance of competition is good for keeping the workplace fun and rewarding.

Strengthen Relationships

Between old and new clients, it is important for any top sales rep to establish good relationships with all accounts. For old clients, keeping in touch is important because any future purchases made could be the result of keeping in touch and keeping a well-established relationship. For new clients, make sure they have a great experience working with you so that they remember how much they like your product and will come back for another purchase or share their experience and recruit some referrals.