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6 Advantages Digital Signage Can Bring to Your Office


Looking to improve internal communication and connectivity? With the right platform digital signage allows you to do just that—providing your teams (both small and large) with real-time feedback and updates. With interactive platforms such as Hoopla available, many users of digital signage have found that increase visual communication is helping improve overall employee motivation and engagement leading to happier employees and better results. Here are some of the key benefits to leveraging a digital signage solution in your office.

Instantaneous Feedback

From a management perspective, digital signage can assist in providing consistent feedback for employees on performance. Studies have shown that the majority of employees, millennials in particular, prefer to receive instantaneous feedback. Gone are the days of a yearly review—employees are looking for a much more hands-on approach from management.

This lack of communication can make it hard for employees to assess their level of performance and fail to progress when they don’t have a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. The longer this goes on the more likely employees are to feel unmotivated to perform and disengaged from their work.

Unfortunately, when managing a larger team it can seem impossible to scale this type of hands-on management and feedback. However, with the right technology in place you can help set the standard of performance for your team so they know what a great week, or month, looks like. A number of digital signage platforms can easily integrate with your key data sources and communication platforms to provide instant recognition.

According to a Gallup analysis only one in three employees feel they have received recognition for doing good work in the past week. This gap presents a major opportunity for employers and managers to make a large impact on overall employee engagement and morale.

Employee Recognition & Retention

Making employees feel valued should be at the core of every company’s management approach as Gallup also noted, when employees don’t feel sufficiently recognized they are twice as likely to quit within the next year. While many mangaers put an emphasis on celebrating their employee’s key wins it can be difficult to consistently do so on a daily, or weekly basis, especially when managers are struggling to balance their own workload.

So what’s the solution? Make recognition and celebration a staple of company culture. Using digital signage managers can easily automate this process to make sure that employees are feeling engaged and motivated at all times. This will help boost overall company morale and create a culture of winning as employees get the praise and recognition they crave.

Engage Remote Employees

Remote employees offer a unique challenge to companies looking to engage, motivate and retain their top talent. A recent study surveyed business leaders and found that 34% expect that more than half of their company’s workforce will be working remotely by 2020. So what does this mean for companies looking to engage their teams? It’s time to invest in a strong infrastructure that supports current remote employees and can scale as your remote workforce grows.

Digital signage helps connect and engage remote employees by providing an opportunity to display interactive content across hundreds of offices or individual homes. This type of connectivity can help with everything from connecting a team of remote employees working on the same project to a global sales team all working together to hit their goals.

Digital signage naturally lends itself to increased communication and connectivity and can greatly help increase remote employee engagement. Especially when it’s been found that keeping remote employees updated, connected, and feeling recognized is at the core of remote employee retention.

Support and Scale Global Connectivity

Whether you have two offices or 200 it can be hard to make sure that all team members, working across various time zones, are on the same page when working on collaborative projects. Digital signage allows you to put a system in place so that communication never goes darks and all employees feel like they are on the same page no matter where they are. This is especially important for teams split between offices that are working to hit their goals together.

Company-Wide Transparency and Vision Sharing

As an employee, nothing is worse than feeling in the dark about your team or company’s success. Employees place a high value on transparency and feel more invested when they feel they clear visibility into management’s vision and the success of the overall company. Using digital signage management is able to quickly update teams on key KPIs and share real-time company updates.

In a recent study by Harvard Business Review found that 70% of employees say they are most engaged when senior leadership is consistently updating them on company strategy. A failure to accurately communicate company-wide strategy and vision can result in poor performance and increased turn over. Often times, executive leadership may feel they are clearly communicating with their employee but at larger companies with multiple offices and a number of remote employees the message can get lost.

When working cross-departmentally on a project or even just with a larger team increase visibility into progress can have a major impact on overall employee motivation and engagement. If team members are unable to see the impact they are making and the overall progress being made on a daily basis they are much less likely to feel personally connected and engaged with their daily tasks and goals.

Help Millennial Employees Thrive

With millennials now the largest generation in the workforce it is more important than ever to adapt your company culture and management style to fit their key motivators. Different than the Gen X-ers that came before them, millennials are posing a challenge to managers who fail to understand how to engage and retain them. A recent 2016 survey of millennials found that two-thirds of them plan to leave their jobs by 2020, which poses a large threat to companies looking to invest and retain their brightest employees.

In a recent report, Gallup uncovered that only 29% of millennial employees are engaged which can lead to a number of problems for employers. Using digital signage you can play to the preference for constant, visual communication that millennials respond well to. Additionally, with the right platform in place digital signage allows managers and employees to set goals together and track them. This type of collaborative goal setting was found to lead to increased feelings of engagement.

Plus, setting clear goals helps employees set a benchmark for success, something that is especially important for younger employees just getting started in their careers. While millennials do not like to micro-managed they still want the support and mentorship from their managers. Many millennials feel that mentorship and professional development are at the core of a strong company culture. As millennials move into management positions themselves they may find themselves unprepared to face the challenges that come with management responsibilities. Putting a strong recognition system in place is a great first step towards assisting these managers and helping ensure younger employees feel engaged.

Moving Beyond Digital Signage

At Hoopla, we help companies create a culture of winning by leveraging our visual communication platform to gamifying tasks and goals in the spirit of friendly competition. This helps keeps employees engaged and motivated as they are constantly receiving instant recognition for hitting their goals and can keep track of overall weekly, monthly and yearly progress. With real-time updates from a number of data sources, you are able to bring the numbers to life in an interactive and engaging manner.

Today, companies leverage Hoopla to do everything from recognizing the latest sales win to announcing challenges and displaying live interactive news feeds. With the right infrastructure in place to increase communication, it becomes easier and easier to keep employees engaged and feeling motivated. Easy to use and deploy Hoopla allows you to create custom channels to fit your team’s unique needs.