Employee Engagement

5 Tips to Improve Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is a hot topic among both small and large businesses, and for good reason. Studies show that high-level employee engagements can boost productivity by as much as 22 percent, as well as lower overall turnover rates, improve employee morale and loyalty, and enhance customer relations.

But despite the fact the many organizations are making a concerted effort to improve employee engagement in the workplace, only 32 percent of the workforce in the U.S. actually feels engaged with their employer. Even worse is the fact that 17 percent feel very disconnected. Unfortunately, these statistics have remained relatively stagnant for the last decade.

Disconnect Between Employers and Employees

While many employers are making employee engagement a priority, their techniques are not resonating with their employees. One problem is that businesses spend so much time measuring employee engagement that they fail to analyze the effectiveness of their strategies. For example, many organizations have their employees complete a survey to determine the level of engagement within the workplace without looking for ways to make improvements to their program.

Creating a high level of employee engagement that will benefit the company will take more than a survey.

Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

The good news is that technology, when used correctly, has improved the ability of employers to connect with their employees. You don’t have to wait for year-end reviews, employee surveys and quarterly recognitions. Instead, you can have consistent, real-time engagement.

Here are several great employee engagement tips to help connect you with your employees:

1. Real-Time Tracking

One of the greatest benefits of today’s technology is its real-time tracking capabilities. Your team doesn’t have to wait for the monthly reports to come out or even manually track their success rate. Instead, all types of stats can be tracked instantly and displayed throughout the workplace on digital leaderboards. Your staff will know if they are on track to completing a specific goal, what the sales numbers are and how well they are completing certain tasks. It also allows you to hold friendly competitions within the workplace in an effort to motivate the team.

2. Employee Recognition

The longer you wait to give credit for a job well done, the less effective the recognition will be. Digital communication eliminates the need for any wait time by allowing you to recognize employees’ accomplishments immediately. This could be a celebratory message that comes across the TV screen when an employee meets their sales quota or the sound of the digital gong for every sale transaction completed.

Instant recognition is a great motivator, not just for the employee receiving the credit, but also for the entire workforce.

3. Daily Motivation

If you want better camaraderie and cooperation in the workplace, then be your staff’s motivator. This allows you to set the tone within your organization and to connect with your employees on a daily basis. Digital communication, such as TV screens in the workplace, can be used to stream custom videos, display motivational quotes and team goals.

4. Open Workspace

Creating open workspace areas with your organization can boost employee engagements by allowing the team to work together to complete a project versus isolating team members in their own offices. A strategically placed digital leaderboard lets your team track their real-time progress, which keeps everyone up-to-date on goals.

5. Flexible Hours

If possible, offer flexible work schedules. Work/life balance is extremely important to employees today, especially millennials. This level of personalization will let your staff know that you care about them as a person and not just as an employee.

These techniques allow you to connect with your employees, not just on an annual basis, but every day. As your engagement with your employees improves, so will overall production, workplace motivation, and employee satisfaction.

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