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5 Tips to Create the Best March Madness Sales Contest


Can you believe it’s already March?? This month conjures up all sorts of exciting events from Mardi Gras to St. Paddy’s Day, but arguably, the most talked about event is March Madness. Whether your team has an office pool, or your reps are cashing in their PTO time to watch their team win, it’s hard to miss all the hoopla around this month’s most talked-about tournament.

While some managers might see March Madness as a distraction, we at Hoopla believe this is a great opportunity to infuse a bit of fun and competition into your team and drive up your numbers before the end of the quarter. With our Tournaments feature, it’s easy to create your own March Madness challenge and get in on the fun! Here are our top 5 Tips & Tricks for setting up your own MARCH Tournament.


We will pre-populate tournament brackets based on the seeded modal (i.e. top ranked player can play the bottom ranked player, etc.). However, you are free to make adjustments as you see fit. In order to ensure a fair competition, you may want to group your individual Players according to skill level or departments (e.g. Rookies/Veterans or Mid-Market Sales/Large Enterprise Sales). Organize these groups into teams and then create a special Player Leaderboard for each one. Remember, scoring for the Tournaments is based on the primary metric on that Leaderboard, so be sure to use the one that matters most for your competition.

Another fun way to involve everyone, especially in larger companies, is to set up a Team Tournament. By pitting entire teams or departments against each other, anyone and everyone in your organization can have an impact on the final outcome. You can use the March Madness model and set up your tournament according to location, or set it up based on departments.

Align with March Madness Dates 

Scheduling your Tournament to coincide with important March Madness dates can help fuel the excitement around your company Tournament. Check the NCAA website to see when each round starts and ends, and schedule your Tournament accordingly.


Maybe someone had an off week, or they’re new and still learning the ropes. Either way, it’s good to have a plan for the players that get eliminated in the first round. Take the first round of eliminated players and create a second-string Tournament. Giving them a do-over is not only morale-boosting, but it also gives your reps the opportunity to learn from past experience and still allows them to be involved in the competition. Managers can use this as a coaching opportunity by giving reps tips and feedback that they can apply to their second chance.

Creative Content 

Because Hoopla is so customizable, you can have a lot of fun with how you present your Tournaments on the big screen. Give your Tournament a theme; it could be sports related, like March Madness, or it could be something a little more ruthless like Game of Thrones. Once you’ve established a theme, upload some images, create a content tag, and shuffle that as a background on all your Tournament steps.

Add in Countdown Clocks for each round, display Image or Message Steps listing out your prizes, trigger a Quickfire Newsflash announcing the start of the Tournament and more!  Feel free to reach out if you need help getting creative.

Hot Prizes 

It goes without saying, people love a good incentive to win. While most people love the glory of being victorious, having a tangible representation of that victory is pretty sweet. Our customers have been known to offer everything from Starbucks gift cards to Apple Watches or Nintendo Switches. Your prize does not have to be extravagant or budget-breaking, and you can get creative. Offer different incentives for each round, such as letting the round winners leave early on a Friday or treating them to lunch the next day. Go onto Amazon, and buy a trophy or championship belt that the final winner can keep at their desk. Trust us, people LOVE a trophy they can show off. Have fun, but remember…there can only be one champion.

*Tournaments are only available for customers on the Gold Plan. Contact your CSM to get a free trial of Tournaments and see what all the excitement is about.