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5 Reasons Email is Becoming Less Effective


As few as five years ago, email was the preferred method of communication for managers to their teams and vice versa. For several reasons, email has become more and more ineffective for sales teams in the office. This article takes a look at the flaws of email, and the actionanble options to consider.


1. Email overload has overwhelmed the sales staff.

Most salespeople get way more emails today than they really want to deal with. Nearly every company and website you come across begins with sending you an email as their initial contact. Then the inevitable happens – your inbox is jampacked with junk and sifting through any of it just seems draining.

Between the co-worker who sends you funny emails and every online store you’ve ever visited, you can quickly get to the point where reading emails becomes a tedious chore. For things like funny GIFs to company memos that fall under internal communication – you’re thinking there must be a better option.

And there is! Slack is a great alternative to office-wide communication as well as direct messages to colleagues. With Slack, create channels for different teams and departments. Avoid the noise of junk and spam emails that drain time out of your day.


2. Emails get lost in the shuffle.

Whether an overwhelmed sales rep avoids opening every email or loses track of what’s read, it’s all too easy to miss important information in a crowded email inbox.

Take your communication channel a step further with Hoopla’s Slack integration. With a simple “/hoopla” command within your Slack app, send a message or announcement to any TV, monitor, or mobile screen. Employees in-house and remote will never miss an important memo they normally would in a crowded inbox. Hoopla is easily accessible on any device and office setting. With messages broadcasted on a large screen – it becomes hard to miss!

Email has several drawbacks compared to other forms of interoffice communication.


3. Emails are not interactive.

Sure, you can go back-and-forth with someone via email, but a sense of connection is rare and may never develop due to the fact that it can take days or weeks to get a reply to an email you send. Perhaps you never get a reply, and finding the reason why may never surface with the lack of communication. Hoopla builds interactivity into their systems so that sales reps can encourage and challenge each other directly – cutting out the email middleman.


4. Emails are not secure.

Wikileaks and hacking groups have proven that emails are not a secure form of communication and should not be trusted with any sensitive information or relied upon for any sense of privacy. It’s difficult to know when an email breach will occur, greatly limiting the usefulness of email for business communication. Using Hoopla, get a sense of security in your messages – safely and easily broadcast content on any device for both iOS and Android.


5. Emails are not always immediate.

It’s common to have notifications on your work inbox turned off (since not everyone wants a vibrate alert or a ring for every single email that comes in). This creates another problem that adds to the reasons for missed announcements and urgent messages. As a sales rep, you only want notifications involving your team’s deals and sales activities, as well as updating them on this information.

With Hoopla, you get a more immediate way to update the sales team about performance. Communicate necessary information as it is displayed prominently in the workplace. Virtual employees can have Hoopla at their fingertips on any device to keep up with the latest sales figures.

Start a free trial of Hoopla to see for yourself how it can revolutionize your workplace communications.