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5 Olympic-Inspired Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team


Using the Olympics to motivate your sales team is possible with Hoopla. The Olympics are over, but it doesn’t have to be in your office. You may be wondering how to keep your sales team focused and motivated as they enjoy this time of competition and replays of sports action. The summer time is known to be a slow time for sales, so here are some Olympic-inspired ways to motivate your team to give their all and end the quarter with a bang –  

1. Excite your teams

Separate your team into several different “countries” that will compete with each other until the end of day to end of week. Keeping your sprints short and sweet will excite your team and bring on a sense of urgency. Are you the king of dials per day, or queen of booking qualified meetings per week? Well, now is your time to shine and show everyone what you’re made of! If your team is particularly creative, you can have them make up country names with flags and anthems to represent themselves. Hoopla’s Channels allow users to add their own walk-up songs and profile from images to gifs. Using existing countries works, too. It’s time to represent! Once you identify the aspects of the competition that you want to reward (quotas, lead generation, conversions, etc.), award points to the top teams on a daily or even hourly basis. For the highest level of authenticity, award medals from gold to silver through Newsflashes at the end of each competition with a simple Slack message. Newsflashes are introduced with the winner’s anthem (walk-up song), then broadcasted to announce the winners of Gold, Bronze and Silver. Has the taste of winning ever been so sweet?  

2. Play into Olympic Lingo

In your daily sales briefings, trainings and pep talks, work in some Olympic lingo. Start the challenges with an opening ceremony, encourage teams and individuals to go for the gold, and celebrate each event with national anthems on every TV. Praise the spirit of competition and the good feeling of having given everything you have to the competition. Hoopla incorporates a Face-off challenge feature, allowing colleagues to go head to head in dynamic competitions. Kick off the challenge with “Going for the gold!” for a race to the finish.  

Do you have a personal record for dials before noon, or creating opportunities per day? Get recognized for large and small milestones all the same. Setting your own quota allows you to stay motivated throughout the Games and give you that extra boost to go for the big win – Ah, sweet, sweet Gold. Make these competitions between teams, head-to-head Faceoffs between reps, and personal bests the events of the games. Whether it be a sprint to the best quota, a perfect dive into a new territory, or a spike in deals closed against the opposing team – make these events the games of the quarter and watch your sales soar.  

3. Embrace Team Bonding

In the Olympics, it’s easy to see how team members encourage each other, even as they compete against each other in some events. This doesn’t happen instantly, but takes time as teams work together and endure challenges together. To inspire and boost feelings of engagement, incorporate video clips and stories from the Olympics to show how teams interact in healthy ways and encourage your team members to do the same. Or, share videos of your favorite motivational anthem on your TVs to bring out the champion in all of us.  

Celebrating successes helps keep a sales team motivated to work together toward a common goal – while having fun doing it!  

4. Celebrate Your Wins

With all the hard work and time put into challenges and events, it’s only appropriate to celebrate the games with a closing ceremony to remember. Part of the Olympic experience is the formal celebration of medal winners as well as the informal celebrations that occur when an athlete or team wins an event. One way to end the games is with a celebration playing the national anthems of medal winners. Hoopla allows users to add their own walk-up music which plays with every win you get through Newsflashes. Your sales team members will love to hear their unique walk-up song as they are recognized for their achievements during their moment on the winner’s podium! Another way to reward winning teams or individuals after the games is to officially recognize them with tickets to the basketball game or encourage time off. Taking time off for breaks can really rejuvenate us to take on the next quarter with the same work ethic and vigor.  

5. Keep it Friendly with Great Sportsmanship

We often perceive intense rivalries on the screen as we watch our opponents at the starting line, ready to give it their all for the gold and the moment to make their country proud. Whether you came through the finals with a medal, or came in 4th or 5th, we see smiles on the faces of our Olympic athletes. It’s not always about the flashing lights, but it’s knowing that each and every one one of them gave it their all to work for something bigger than all of us. It’s coming together, from different countries and different backgrounds, to join the games that unite us and push us to further boundaries we thought unreachable.  

Olympic athletes have learned to remain civil and friendly despite the intensity of their competition. Sales team members are by nature competitive, and can benefit from the occasional reminder that everyone is ultimately on the same team in your workplace. In a way, others’ success is also their success. Hoopla’s customizable platform can facilitate Olympics-style competition with a real-time display that can be accessed in offices as well as by individuals working remotely to track their performance. Start a free trial of Hoopla and see how we can help you motivate your sales team to reach Olympic heights.