5 Offbeat Approaches to Consider for Sales Motivation


Motivating a sales team can be a little bit like revving up the crowd at a baseball game. Game organizers have a variety of ways to get the baseball crowd cheering, many of them involving offbeat characters and unusual on-field or big screen antics. Sales executives and managers can use their own fun and offbeat methods for keeping their teams motivated to sell.

1. Get a Little Weird

Baseball games have mascots that run around and help selected audience members play on-field games or do crazy dances. You can co-opt these fun antics by having one of your team members or managers dress up as the company’s favorite sports team mascot and celebrate top-performing members of your team. Activities like these can break the tension of a long campaign, giving praise and cheering on team members for their hard work. Using Hoopla, broadcast these fun clips to off-site employees or to other departments after capturing these zany antics on video.

2. Celebrate with Spirit Days

In high school, the homecoming week often brings a week of special activities intended to pump up the students for the big football game. You can inject that fun and excitement into your sales campaigns by hosting events like “pajama day” or “sports team day” to reward or motivate sales team members and bring some liveliness into the workplace. Run contests to reward those with the most spirit and post the results on your Hoopla leaderboard alongside sales numbers for a change of pace.

3. Pump It Up WIth Music

Baseball stadiums know that motivational music goes a long way toward pumping up a crowd. Hoopla allows teams to use customized theme music to accompany their statistical displays as well as theme music for different campaigns. Allowing teams to pick their own songs (within the bounds of taste) will help them feel a sense of ownership toward their team and increase bonding.

4. Create a Nap Room

Short naps help employees fight off fatigue and drowsiness so that they can charge ahead with renewed energy. Allowing team members to take naps during their breaks or lunch hour can increase their productivity while they are on the clock and give them a reason to appreciate the company’s leadership.

5. Give a Special Kudos

With so much going around day-to-day in a business, not everyone gets the accolades they deserve. An easy way to praise your team or thank them for a great project is through a simple Slack message. Hoopla integrates with Slack to make sending messages to the TV a breeze. Show the entire company how much you value your team’s contributions.

Hoopla wants to be your partner in sales team motivation. The Hoopla gamification model not only brings much-needed fun onto the sales floor, but it incorporates the latest technology to keep sales teams inspired and engaged. Start a free trial of Hoopla and start motivating your team today!