5 Holiday Productivity Tips to Keep the Office Merry this Season.


The Holiday Season is upon us! With all of the bows, boxes and holiday cheer everywhere, balancing our work and personal lives can be difficult. Whether you are working remotely, traveling, or in the office, here are 5 holiday productivity tips to keep things merry around your office this season. 

Take Some Time for Yourself, but Give Advance Notice

November and December are always busy. It’s the end of Q4 and wrapping up the year on a strong note is crucial, but so is your life outside of work. Don’t let precious vacation days expire, use them for vacations, family time, or maybe just to unwind this holiday season. You should also keep in mind that your manager will be dealing with a lot of time off request, so make sure to plan early and give him or her enough notice.

Manage Deadlines BEFORE Taking Time Off

You should be able to come back to work after time off with a clear head, and without being more stressed than before. If you are taking days off from work this holiday season, start managing your deadlines in late October or early November, so holiday productivity stays strong and you can leave without being overwhelmed. You should also manage expectations with your managers and coworker, especially if you know there are certain days you will not be accessible. No one enjoys eight missed calls from the office on a day off.

Keep Work at Work

While you shouldn’t bring your work home with you more often than necessary, you also shouldn’t make a habit of completing personal tasks while in the office. If you are spending time at work buying gifts, sending holiday cards and looking up recipes, you will start falling behind, lowering your holiday productivity.

Attend Office Holiday Functions

During the holiday season it’s easy to convince yourself time spent at a work party could be better spent preparing for all the things you have going on at home. But remember, work parties are about enjoying yourself just as much as it is about thanking co-workers, managers and bosses for all their hard work

Stay Healthy and Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

We are almost at the end of the year, don’t give up now on all your healthy habits! And if these habits are beginning to slip, take some time for yourself this winter. Remember, this is flu season. If you work in a small office your chances of getting sick are even higher in close quarters. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise and Vitamin C!