5 Digital Sales Tools to Save Time and Boost Performance


When it comes to boosting the performance of teams, one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so is to utilize digital tools to free up time for each employee. Optimize your team’s time with tools that will let them focus on the tasks that matter and increase productivity.

While you might have some of the more common online tools already in place, read on for some of the less talked about, but just as handy, options you should be using today.


1. Slack – Team Communication at its Finest


Efficient communication is one of the leading challenges of any team. It’s easy to get lost in the long email threads, miss the necessary file attachments, or get bogged down by emails you’re copied on that are irrelevant to you. Time is slipping as you siphon through piles of emails and curating a formal message to be sent.

Ideally, you want an all-in-one platform that lets you send messages on the fly, receive urgent attachments, and only be notified for all things relevant to you. Well, lucky you – Slack is a messaging app that makes communication easier, more pleasant, and more efficient. With Slack, you can be less busy.

On a call with a prospect and need marketing collateral to send over? Not a problem. Send a message request to your designated Sales-Marketing channel, and quickly receive attachments from your team through the same platform. Slack lets you create channels private and public, as well as direct messages, for all your communication needs. With Slack, never miss an important message or announcement.


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2. Toggl – Simple Time Tracker & Powerful Time Sheet Calculator


If you’re in any kind of business that involves charging for your time, it’s important that every minute worked is accounted for and added up on an invoice. Say bye to manually calculating these hours. Take advantage of some of the handy time-tracking apps that are available. Toggl is a well-regarded system that is easy to use and only requires one click to start its timer.

One of the best features of Toggl is that it doesn’t have to have access to the internet to work. Instead, the app tracks the time you spend on projects as you go, and then syncs up all the data later on once you’re connected to the internet again. Users are able to work free from distractions like social media sites and emails, completing client work faster when they’re out of the office and offline.


3. Award Wallet – Instant Rewards for the Frequent Flyers


If you and your colleagues travel a lot for work to see clients, attend conferences, and other traveling items, you should consider downloading the AwardWallet app. This system makes life easier (and more time-effective) for frequent travelers who like to earn points and miles with airlines, hotels, and other businesses, and to keep track of their balances and their travel plans.

The app, free to use and available for both Apple and Android devices, will automatically track all of your points and miles once you have logged into each different loyalty program once. It can even monitor the data of affiliated members who are in the same clubs.

Every time you log into AwardWallet, the app will provide you with a rundown of your current accumulation of miles or points. This saves you time from juggling multiple separate websites, logins, emails, and the like. The app can also upload your upcoming travel plans and alert other people to your itinerary.


4. Extole – All-in-one Customer Referral Program


If you need to boost your levels of customer referrals to grow your pipeline and sick of following up with customers manually, you might like to utilize referral software programs like Extole. Extole is designed to help marketers and small business owners to acquire more customers quickly; and already boasts big-name clients such as Sears and Vistaprint.

A SaaS platform, the system focuses on turning existing customers into business advocates by encouraging current clients to refer their friends, family members, and other contacts through seamless, refer-a-friend programs that are easy to use.

Users can launch, measure, and optimize customized, branded programs using pre-built templates that work across mobile, website, and in-app platforms. Extole takes the time and hard work out of finding the right influencers for your brand by providing automatic discovery of likely business advocates, and real-time segmentation of the top sharers, influencers, and revenue drivers.

The platform enables users to provide referred customers with instant rewards as well. Extole takes away cumbersome spreadsheets or long waits until the end of the month to get reimbursed. Rewards don’t have to be “one size fits all” either with Extole, as the system can handle coupons, gift cards, loyalty points, and more. There are also reward rules in place to stop potential fraud, plus the option of using multiple campaigns to provide different rewards to separate audiences.


5. Hoopla – Sales Tracking Made Simple, and Addictingly Fun


If you want to increase the effectiveness of your sales team, check out the Hoopla gamification software. Award-winning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that uses game mechanics and data analytics, Hoopa works on the principles of motivational psychology to bring fun and increased productivity to the office.

The platform helps engage employees and drive results by keeping workers interested in their own and other’s progress. This is done through competition and rewards, and by focusing the team on a company’s goals via various custom features.

Use Hoopla and you can create contests for employees around specific business objectives, and then track individual and team progress, see real-time feedback and alerts, showcase the top performers, find out what motivates the most successful salespeople, create custom training programs, and read system-generated reports.


I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to share your favorite tools in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing them!