Employee Engagement

4 Tips For a Smooth Transition Into Working Remotely


So you’re finally making the jump: you’ve been hearing the hype for years about working remotely and now you’re on the cusp of this strange new working world. Scary? Maybe. Unknowns? Plenty. But the potential for you to thrive is limitless. You’re stepping into your next great chapter.

Here at Hoopla, we spend a lot of time thinking about remote employee engagement—it’s something we’re constantly trying to help businesses and individuals improve. And if you’re new to the remote work game, from our view, these are the clear cut things you can do for a smooth transition into working remotely:

Establish a Clear Channel of Communication

One of the most common perceptions of remote work is that it’s isolated. And well, by some standards it is. You’re not in a physical space with your coworkers. But, hey, knock-knock: it’s 2019. We have all the tools you need to stay quite possibly too well connected to anyone, from your boss, to that guy from high school who’s trying to start a fit-spiration channel on Facebook.

Whatever tool works best for you, set up a clear cadence with your boss on a daily and weekly basis that allows you to stay engaged and aligned with your work.

Define Your Workspace

As remote work expert Samantha Radocchia wisely points out, “not everyone is wired to work remotely. Some people do their best work when they have a structure imposed on them, and it’s important to remember that.

If sitting with your laptop next on your couch while your partner watches Netflix isn’t actually conducive to your productivity, you’re not weird—and you’re not a remote-work failure. You just happen to be like most people. So know thyself,  and switch things up.

Whether it’s posting up at the same coffee shop every day, or being willing to invest in yourself to rent real co-working space, creating your own defined workspace gives you all the structure of onsite work without ever sacrificing the sweet freedom of being remote.

Set Goals, Meet Them, And Then Set Some More

Writing on behalf of the Forbes Human Resources Council, Stacie Mallen of Execute to Win makes it abundantly clear that goal setting helps remote workers not only perform well, but do so in lock-step with the rest of their team: “Nothing is more inclusive for a team than all rowing in the same direction. Aligning to a shared vision for the overall team and then setting goals where individuals can have personal ownership is key.”

And not only that, Mallen goes on to say, but it “also creates cohesion and builds an intentional culture around accomplishment.”

It’s not complicated: the more goals you set, the more you can accomplish, and the better aligned with your team you’ll be.

Enjoy It

Whether working remotely is your first choice or just a reality of your life right now, it truly is an exciting time to be a part of the mobile workforce. It’s our sincere hope that you take advantage of it, thrive on it, and reach the heights that you and your boss both know you’re capable of.

Don’t let this opportunity become an excuse to check out. Lean in and grab hold of the remote working revolution!