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4 Common Office Mistakes to Avoid This Friday The 13th


It’s here again, Friday the 13th. Whether you are superstitious or not, we can all agree that some common mistakes in the office can seem to be inevitable. We have seen our colleagues make many of these, and it seems just a matter of time before we do the same.


Before writing your next email, making a call or going into a meeting, check out this list of four cringe-worthy mistakes that are easily avoidable, but can be detrimental if not. This Friday the 13th, take fate in your own hands!


1. Forgetting a Prospect or Company Name

Remembering each of your prospects’ and customers’ names is not easy, but is crucial to avoiding embarrassing mistakes on calls. If you have ever seen a colleague on the phone when blanking on the name of a prospect, you know how bad this can be.


Besides being embarrassing, this common mistake can affect your bottom line. We suggest giving yourself a few minutes between each task during the day to get up, walk around the office and clear your mind. It may seem trivial, but mentally preparing can mean the difference between a great call and a quickly ended call.


2. Hitting ‘Reply All’ to All The Wrong People

If you can avoid any mistake tomorrow, let this be it. Replying to all instead of just to one person, or using ‘cc and ‘bcc interchangeably, will ruin your day depending on what the email says.

To avoid this faux pas we suggest an easy fix. Most email platforms allow you to enable an “undo” setting which allows you to take back emails up to 30 seconds after you hit send. So if this is a constant problem, this could be the fix for you.


3. Accidentally Using a Company Social Media Account Instead of Personal Account

Where there is a company Twitter, Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook account, there is someone managing these accounts. Depending on resources, this could be someone’s full time job, or just a side project each day for a marketing manager. Either way, it is easy to accidentally log-in to the wrong account, especially during busy or hectic days.

For instance, the Twitter mobile app allows you to choose any of your accounts, and without logging back in, post tweets. If the last account you used was a work account, and you are posting something personal, you might want to double check what handle you are using before you hit send.


Spelling Mistakes

The easiest of all these mistakes is to fix a spelling mistake. Office emails at many companies can be casual, but getting in the habit of hitting send before spell check can be a big problem. If you email a prospect, customer, client or even someone within your company, and your message is filled with spelling mistakes, you are going to lose credibility. Investing additional time to proofread every email and double check spelling and grammar is crucial.


Stay motivated this Friday the 13th to avoid these common office mistakes! Find out how Hoopla can help.

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Linnea Goldstein, Co-op

Linnea Goldstein, Co-op

Linnea Goldstein is a Marketing Co-op and Northeastern University senior, working in communications, marketing and public relations. When Linnea isn’t at work she enjoys reading, sailing and being outside.