When you lead a sales or customer service team, you know that motivating your employees to meet or surpass performance expectations is important. Without the proper motivation, employees slack and rarely accomplish what you need them to. You need to find a way to positively influence their daily work behaviors to benefit the team and move the company forward toward profitability and greater industry influence. Installing digital signage throughout the office is one of the easiest and most effective ways to motivate employees. You can rotate through key metrics, such as who’s currently in the lead and how many calls each team member makes. Here are three ways that digital screens motivate employees.  

Encourage Friendly Competition

Everyone wants to be recognized as a top performer among their peers. When you display real-time stats about your team’s performance on a digital display, your team knows throughout the day where they stand. If you track your team’s success by the volume of outbound calls or number of closed deals, show it on the digital display. Throughout the day, employees will look to see just how many more calls or deals they need to take the top spot away from another employee. Digital signage is perfect for real-time stats because they stay up-to-date automatically. Employees love to see tangible results from their actions. If putting in a little more effort places them ahead of their peers, they’re more likely to try. In this way, knowledge of the team’s relative performance can motivate employees to improve their own performance.  

Model Good Performance

Competition in the workplace is effective in sales organizations. However, the drive to compete may make it difficult for underperforming employees to get the mentoring that they need. Using digital screen around the office makes it possible to model good performance habits that work for your highest performing staff members. Use the digital screens to provide advice to the rest of your team. If your team makes 120 calls each day, but your highest performer makes over 200 calls, use the digital screens to let the rest of your team know that. With better insight and visibility into the quotas the highest performer is hitting, the rest of the team can be motivated to reach higher goals.  

Increased Transparency About Performance Expectations

Increased transparency often boosts employee motivation. Employees want to know concretely what they need to do to succeed and invest more energy into jobs they care about. Digital screens transform individual performance goals into team performance goals. For example, if you need to secure $100,000 in nonprofit donations this month, your team can watch their individual progress contribute to this goal on a digital screen. Additionally, when you hire new employees, they may not believe that your performance expectations are possible. Seeing on a digital screen that every other sales person on your team meets these goals can help new hires see that it’s possible. This can motivate them to push themselves further to meet this standard faster, which can help them become an integral part of your team quickly. Motivating employees can sometimes be a daunting task. You need to effectively balance positive motivators with realistic feedback about employee performance. Digital screens can be a great way to accomplish this for both sales and customer service teams.