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3 Ways Digital Signage Improves Sales Team Performance


The performance of your sales team directly impacts the success of your business. Improving sales should always remain top of mind, ensuring the growth and survival of your organization. Tapping into innovative methods of managing, motivating and rewarding your sales teams increases the productivity of the entire department.

Digital signage linked with sales databases represents an evolution in communication with sales staff. Instead of relying on email, real-time updates can be displayed on-screen for all members to take in. This creates a new level of transparency while enabling quick shifts in sales strategy and rapid recognition of top performers, improving the overall performance of the team.

Transparent Data Motivates Healthy Sales Staff Competition

Utilizing digital signage for staff increases transparency by communicating real-time sales results, including the numbers of individual personnel. Monitors and TVs placed in conspicuous areas can be used to show OKRs revolving around lead generation, sales pitches and conversions. Sales staff can visually track their own results while comparing their numbers to peers.

Leading a healthy competition for sales staff inspires individuals to perform at their best, ideally working together to boost the numbers of both the team and individual representatives. Visual updates can be set up to remind staff of the competition, listing ratios and volume of conversions, lead generation and pitching activities.

Transparent display of results serves as motivation for everyone involved in sales, including managers and supervisors. With quick access to real-time data, business leaders must hold themselves accountable for adjusting strategy according to visual info analysis. When leaders show that they hold themselves to the same high standards as their followers, morale and motivation rises across the board.

Quickly Refocus Sales Team Objectives

Improving the performance of sales teams often involves breaking down the sales process into individual steps. Each of these steps may be scrutinized individually to improve the entire process, turning raw leads into converted sales with greater success. When one part of the sales process appears to underperform, such as lead generation, a manager should focus on improving that aspect.

Digital signage may be used to rapidly communicate shifts in sales strategy, allocating resources and highlighting new objectives to facilitate changes. In addition to displaying messages for staff, monitors can show continuously updated stats pertaining to an OKR vital to achieving projections. If you want to motivate staff to create as many qualified leads as possible, digital signage can announce a contest for the staff member with the largest number of qualified buyers during the day.

The flexibility of monitors controlled through streamlined apps means that you can adjust the focus of your sales team on demand, broadcasting vital messages through visual media that facilitate rapid, effective communication.

Reward Top Sellers With Instant Recognition

Connecting your database to a centralized visual display system enables a rapid response to shifting circumstances. This feature also lets you provide instant recognition for sales staff who perform well. Digital signage may be used to broadcast the success of individual team members, lifting spirits and motivating the entire team. Personnel featured on-screen will appreciate peer recognition, especially if there’s a sales contest that involves compensation.

The act of selling often boils down to emotion, which makes the maintenance of sales team morale a vital aspect of managing performance. Employees who feel rewarded tend to become more engaged with their occupation, regardless of the work performed. Recognizing top sales performers serves to increase productivity in the future by creating an atmosphere that encourages positivity and productivity.