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3 Reasons Digital Signage Boosts Employee Engagement


If you feel like your employees aren’t as engaged as they should be, don’t worry — you’re not alone. And it’s not a matter of finding a new workforce. There are simple, small changes that you can make right now that can have long-term impact for your entire office. Start with digital signage (in it’s most common forms – a TV or monitor display). And if you’re wary of introducing another toy that you’re afraid won’t make an impact in the way you want, here are a handful of reasons you may want to try incorporating digital signage into your office before you knock it.  

Interactive Memos Beat Paper Every Time

So why wouldn’t that hold true at work? The difference is that we’re already inundated with email after email, prompt after prompt. So how do you break through the noise? Start by taking a page out of the social media playbook: stop being a hoarder. You may have proofread that announcement for a few hours longer than you should have, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be framed in everyone’s cube. With a digital signage system, you can throw up a message any time, and take it down when you’re done. Out of sight, out of mind, and onto the next one. There’s a reason why instant messaging and collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft’s Teams, and Facebook’s Workplace are dominating the workplace intranet. Casual, informal, digital communication takes away the tediousness of paper memos and carefully (time-wasting) curated reports. Integrations with tools such as Slack and Zapier are popping up more and more to help make work happen even faster.  

Everyone’s On The Same Page

Create alignment: Display company goals (OKRs) and KPIs to keep everyone the same page. The Business blog at says it plainly:  

“Many employees are focused on their immediate tasks, and need to see how they contribute to overall corporate strategy in order to understand company priorities.”   OKRs, when combined with digital signage, keep your company’s — and even on an individual level — objectives and key results top of mind. The publicness of the key metrics and progress data shared engages employees by helping them see how they really contribute to the big picture. Simply put, digital signage delivers timely messages when your employees need them the most.  


You’re In Total Control

Not that you’re turning your office into an authoritarian regime, but we all know how precious the time and energy we spend on communication is, and how much we’d love to get those hours back. You don’t want to be stuck in an endless cycle of the telephone game—relaying messages that often get skewed or forgotten. When you have a smart digital signage system in place, you put the control back into your own hands. Want to recognize someone’s spur-of-the-moment win? No need to wait—just throw it up on the screen. Want to change direction from what you originally posted in the morning? Just take it down and start over. CRM integrations let you easily broadcast your key metrics automatically and in real time so you don’t waste time with dry reports.  

  When you put the right system in place, you’re no longer cemented to the decisions you made on Monday morning. Instead, you can be empowered to make real-time decisions, and enjoy live messaging with your employees, whether you’re down on the floor to chat or not.