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3 Easy Ways to Deck Your Hoopla Channel


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hot cocoa, holiday movies & carols, decorating cookies – it’s no wonder this is everyone’s favorite season! Now, it’s easier than ever to bring some of that seasonal cheer into your office with Hoopla. When you’re decorating your office, don’t forget to also deck out your Hoopla channel in the spirit of the holidays. Here are three ways to help you get started:


1. Change up transitions and backgrounds


Get your team into the spirit of the holidays with winter-themed content on your Hoopla Channel. We have a variety of stock content for you to pull from (Snow capped mountains, snow falling, even a yule log in a fireplace), but many of our customers also put up a lot of fun custom content, like gifs from their favorite holiday movies, or photos from last year’s holiday party. (Tip: don’t forget to add tags to your custom content so it’s easy to find.)

Buddy the Elf

Yule Log

Snow Falling


2. Put up fun, holiday-themed trivia or custom content for your office to participate in


A holiday favorite around here at Hoopla is picking our Elf names from the “What’s Your Elf Name” slide (Hi, I’m Bubbles McJingles), but the options are limitless. Here are some suggestions:


  • Have your team participate in a “Night Before Christmas” madlibs, and put your final masterpiece up on the tv (I want to make one!)
  • Take an office poll of the worst/best gifts ever received and put up the results on a slide
  • Ask movie-theater type trivia questions (i.e. What country does the Poinsettia plant originate from? A: Mexico)


What’s Your Elf Name:



3. Switch up profile pics and walk-up songs:


Have your reps pick their favorite holiday movie character and put it up as a profile pic – don’t feel limited by holiday movies. You can also post awkward family holiday pics or pets wearing Santa suits.

If you dare (and if you’re okay with hearing Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” twenty times a day), you can even ask your reps to upload their favorite holiday song to their profile….remember, as an admin, you have the power to delete anything you deem “offensive.”