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10 Zaps to Get Your Office Pumped


Google, JIRA, Zendesk, Trinet, Slack, Github, Marketo, Twitter – this is just a small sampling of the MANY applications we use on a day to day basis here at Hoopla. And I’m sure your office is no different… Companies nowadays use a large variety of applications, each of them specializing in their own niche market, and every one just as important to your business as the next. Unfortunately, not everyone or even every department has visibility into these different applications; so the sales team doesn’t know how much work went into building a new feature and the engineers might not know how many people are signing up for free trials of the awesome product they helped build. Well, what if I told you Hoopla has a created a way to bring all this data and all these milestones to light directly onto your office TVs? Amazing, right?? Well, it’s a simple as a Zap! Zapier is a platform that enables you to connect your various applications, boasting a library of hundreds of apps. With Hoopla’s Zapier app, you can take data from all the different applications you use for your business and display that directly onto your Hoopla channel! This is an awesome tool for getting your office pumped up and excited about your team’s achievements, and there are an almost limitless amount of ways you can use Zapier. Here are some of the best ways we have seen the Hoopla Zapier app implemented:  

1. Hoopla + Zendesk – Keep track of all those tickets your awesome Support team is closing!



2. Hoopla + JIRA – Show the engineers love by congratulating them for fixing an especially tricky bug!



3. Hoopla + Twitter – Trigger a Newsflash anytime someone uses your custom hashtag



4. Hoopla + Live Chat – Did someone just ask a question on LiveChat? Alert the team!



5. Hoopla + Google Calendar – Notify your team when an important meeting or event is about to start (like a team lunch or happy hour!)



6. Hoopla + Instagram – Let everyone know how many likes you’re getting on the company’s latest Instagram post



7. Hoopla + Marketo – Give props when new leads come in



8. Hoopla + Zoho (or another CRM) – Use Zapier to update Leaderboards and recognize your baller sales team



9. Hoopla + Trello – Update Leaderboards when tasks are completed



10. Hoopla + Recurly – Alert the team when someone signs up for a new account


Do you have a cool way you use Zapier with Hoopla? Let us know! We’d love to hear your ideas!