10 Reasons Why You Need Hoopla in 2017


It’s the beginning of a new year and you’ve got a few resolutions you really want to keep. If you’re in sales, like me, then you definitely have this on your list:  

    • ✅ Hit the ground running in 2017


    • ✅ Hit bigger, better goals week after week


    ✅ Just simply kill it ✌

The great news is, you can achieve your resolutions with Hoopla. With 2016 behind us, this means: New year, new quota. It’s about getting a chance to see your name in lights right after hitting a goal, being motivated through progress updates shown in real-time, and mostly – having fun at work. So, here are 10 reasons why you need Hoopla in 2017:  

1. Dashboards are BORING

Why look at a static dashboard when you can get your data in real-time? Get the most up-to-date information with dynamic leaderboards!  


2. You have no means of tracking progress and broadcasting results

What gets measured gets done – but nobody’s got time for that. But what if it was automated? Easily integrate your CRM with Hoopla and watch the leaderboards auto-update and celebrations begin as soon as reps hit quota.  


3. Reps can have their own custom pic, song, and video.

Who doesn’t like their own mini-parade? For every win, big and small, celebrate on the big screen with the photo, walk-up-song, and video of your choice.  


4. It’s FUN

Imagine you and your co-worker are playing Mario Kart and the finish line is a huge sale. When you get there, the whole office is cheering for you and the TVs are playing your victory song. Hoopla makes work fun by gamifying the whole experience with leaderboards and head-to-head Faceoff challenges that update in real-time.  


5. You’ve been trying to figure out how to do the same thing yourself but it’s not working

Let’s face it, anything you need to update manually and constantly isn’t going to get updated. Hoopla automates your reports to display on TVs in real-time and the whole team is instantly updated.  


6. Your Powerpoint slides just aren’t cuttin’ it

Overplayed Powerpoint slides quickly become an eyesore and do the opposite of motivating your team. Hoopla let’s you shuffle and schedule new content so you can keep your Channels on displays fresh and fun.  


7. Your sales floor is too quiet

Nothing like a quiet floor and tall cubicles to make the workday go slower. What if you can change your work culture with a simple TV? When you have Hoopla hooked up to your TVs and displays, you create a culture of celebration and excitement that gets the whole team riled up to boost sales. Have more fun, close more deals.  


8. You’re tired of getting the same questions and having to repeat information

Your emails are getting lost in the flood or not getting read at all. Hoopla lets you Slack a message right up on the TV, for everyone to see. No need to read boring email reminders.  


9. You’re looking for a virtual sales gong

No need to ring a sad little gong, like this guy –  


10. You want to improve your company culture

Wouldn’t you rather celebrate achievements like this guy? Come on, look at that jacket.  

You can do all this and more with Hoopla. Start a free 14-day free trial and see for yourself!