How to Create a Sales Process for More Predictable Revenue


In order to consistently hit quota, sales development reps must strike a balance between volume and personalization. This post is about taking what’s worked and what hasn’t. It’s about formulating a cold email methodology that makes your team’s semi-personalized emails stand out from the heavily-automated content, and even the highly-personalized one-offs.

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3 Football-Inspired Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team


It’s that time of the year again - football season. It’s the time when our competitive juices are flowing, when we gather around our closest friends, cheer on our favorite teams - and get in on a fantasy football league. With so much fun at home, what better way to make the most of this football season than to bring the competition to the sales floor?

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5 Digital Sales Tools to Save Time and Boost Performance


When it comes to boosting the performance of teams, one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so is to utilize digital tools to free up time for each employee. Optimize your team’s time with tools that will let them focus on the tasks that matter and increase productivity.

7 ways to get data into Hoopla


This post is going to take a look at all the ways you can populate metrics in Hoopla. There are currently seven, but we’re always looking to add new options. We’ll start with the simple and work our way, towards the more powerful. Along the way we’ll go over how each option works, and some examples of how it might be used.

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