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Hoopla for Auto Dealers

Let us show you how Hoopla can help your team.

The days of ranking reps on whiteboards are over. Upgrade your dealership to digital signage and sales leaderboards that will help you celebrate your reps and customers, driving more sales. Crush your quotas, and forget the marker.

Enhance the Dealer Experience

From providing your customers a memorable experience in the showroom to motivating your reps to hit their quotas, auto dealers need real-time interaction to make those moments. Customers can look forward to seeing their happy faces on the screen after a purchase, and sales reps can see their name in lights after a huge sale.

  • Get real-time sales performance updates on leaderboards
  • Market specials and services, stream the latest commercials or live web pages
  • Create different channels for the sales floor and showroom

Win More in the Office

Track progress & performance
  • Highlight “Sales MTD” and sales activities from “Calls Made” to “Test Drives Completed”. Sales leaderboards help your reps visually understand where they rank amongst colleagues in their goals and quotas.
Spark healthy competition
  • Sales reps can challenge each other head-to-head in competitions to increase calls, appointments, and sales.
Boost morale with recognition
  • Recognize your sales reps with virtual celebrations and play their theme song for actions that are triggered through achieving goals.

Win More in the Showroom

Enhance marketing strategies
  • Highlight services and promotional offers, the latest commercial, customer testimonials on big screen TVs.

Build customer relationships

  • Display congratulatory messages for your customers after a closed deal and enhance the excitement of their new purchase.
  • Give customers real-time service updates for a better experience.