Hoopla is an automated, real-time motivation and recognition solution for high-performance cultures.

Great employees deserve immediate recognition tied to the results that matter.

Created based on the science of motivation and gamification, Hoopla builds and reinforces your organization’s unique values, targets, and goals. Inspire your people to do their best work with broadcasts that are visible where they work — digital signage for offices, web, and mobile apps for remote team members. Hoopla is motivation built at the speed of the best performing organizations.

Our Story

Imagine an environment where people don’t feel like work is battling against them at every turn. Hoopla wants to drive a future that helps people perform their best every single day, be recognized for their accomplishments, and create a mutually great experience for all.

Hoopla was founded on the belief that great companies start with great cultures. The best people want to work for companies that communicate frequently and clearly, where recognition is done well. And those great companies serve their customers better when the employees are engaged and motivated.

We’re on a mission to help every company on the planet perform better through simple, powerful technology. So, it starts with us. That’s why we’re a team of passionate, customer focused entrepreneurs who give back to their communities. We use our own product to motivate our team.

“With Hoopla, the distance between teams doesn’t matter. Now, everyone stays up-to-date with what’s happening.”

—Director of Sales

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